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a few flickr favorites

Happy Friday! Don’t you love the feeling of freedom that Friday brings each week? I do! I have a few little housekeeping things that I want to do and a whole bunch of fun projects that I’m excited about getting into this weekend. I’m feeling inspired by the flickr streams I follow and can’t wait make things! I hope they’ll inspire you a bit too!

Pretty summer shoes photographed by Cathy McMurray

Shokoofkeh’s beautiful flower photos remind me that I have some fun gardening work to do.


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flickr favorites & happy things

Shh, can you keep a secret? Oh, good! because my new favorite pastime is spying on my flickr friends’ favorites. These folks have great taste and I’ve found so many perfect shots and wonderful photographers through them! I’ve round up a few of my favorite favorites. Ready for lots of photos and links? Okay, let’s go!

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flickr favorites