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wisteria everywhere

This is our first spring in our new home and we’ve been surprised by an invasion of wisteria. It’s so lovely, draping over every inch of fence and tree limb, and filling the yard with a delicate perfume.

The last photo is my view from the kitchen. I like how it looks like the wisteria wants to move in with us!


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fall flowers

The flowers have been leading a very lively life this week. They get brought in each evening to avoid frost.

It has been strangely cold for Austin. Normally we’re in the seventies with lows in the fifties. Instead we are all bundling up to the max!

fall flowers 1
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anniversary flowers

Joel got me the most glorious bouquet of white lilies and red tulips for our anniversary. Today, the flowers are really opening up filling the house with a light, lily-scented perfume and they look too beautiful not to share here!

anniversary flowers 1

anniversary flowers 2
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playing with roses

I’ve been reading up on floral arranging and trying to improve my own little bouquets. A few days ago, I tried out the method of marking off a square in the middle of the vase (I used clear tape) and then arranging by flower type. I think the flowers look a little more lively this way.
playing with roses 1
playing with roses 2
playing with roses 3

mystery flowers

Does anyone happen to know what these lovely purple flowers are? I can’t quite figure them out, but I think they look pretty nice mingling with the pink roses.

roses and purple flowers flowers 1


roses and purple flowers flowers 3

a rose

Oh, don’t mind me, just continuing my vicarious garden life with a little Texas rose. It’s so hard to beat the Texas hothouse roses and I have a hard time keeping my paws off of them.

I have an ancient, lovely green bottle that I like to save for single roses. I keep them near the sink in the kitchen and it makes any ol’ chore more cheerful.



Two blogs filled with beautiful roses: Amy Merrick & Hedgerow Rose

new week, new flowers, pt. 5

Yesterday, we had a Dutch West Indies/Indonesian feast at a friend’s house. The food was so amazing, but more on that later. My contribution was much more American, apple pie, and I couldn’t show up without flowers, too.

Mallory passed on a dozen small jam jars to me a few weeks ago and I’ve come up with the perfect hostess gift using them.



Fill your jar with flowers of your choice. My local market had these lovely spray roses that I couldn’t pass up. You can finish the arrangement with a little ribbon or twine, pop the jar in the cup holder in your car, and you’re ready to be the perfect guest.

new week, new flowers, pt. 4

It’s a little late in the week for this post, but I think that’s how weeks after long weekends usually end up, behind schedule. I always feel like time is running away from me after a Monday off.

These darling white carnations were a gift from my friend Tiffany. She shared ice cream, flowers, and a movie with us last night, which all made for a pretty perfect post-long weekend evening.



We watched My Week With Marilyn, which is one of those movies that I meant to see and then managed to miss when it was in theaters. It’s a gorgeous film and made me want to learn more about Marilyn. I would also have liked to steal some of her dresses and shoes!

My-Week-with-Marilyn 1

The outfit above is my favorite from the movie. Do you have any period piece movies to recommend? I’m always on the look out for another.

new week, new flowers, pt. 3

Yesterday, I was standing in the local flower section of my grocery store surrounded by amazing orchids, bundles of wildflowers, and other lovelies. I was very tempted by the peonies and then I spotted a big display of single stem roses. They reminded me of ballet recital time, which was usually in May when I was growing up, and how much my sister and I prized the single roses that mom and dad always gave us.

I bought this lovely peach rose with all of that in mind. I think peach is my second favorite color for roses.


A cup of happiness

It’s supposed to get stormy here in Austin tonight. Part of the same bunch of no-good storms that just went through Oklahoma. Oklahoma, you all are close to my mind and prayers today. I wish I could send you each a warm cup of coffee and a hug. You’ve probably seen this, but this video of a lady finding her dog unhurt in the rubble of her one-time home brought tears to my eyes.

new week, new flowers, pt. 2

I didn’t mean to start a new type of post last week, but then a little bundle of pinkish white roses came home with me today and here we are with two Mondays in a row of “New Week, New Flowers”. Besides the roses, which are so delicate and smell so lovely, I salvaged the greenery from last week’s flowers. I think it’s called ruscus and has wonderfully dark green, almost waxy leaves.

new week, new flowers, pt. 2

new week, new flowers, pt. 2

I sent my mom a mixed bouquet of pink flowers, nice and rosy just like her, this year for Mother’s Day. It’s nice to know I had such pretty stand-ins.