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because fall is coming

I’m running a little bit behind on my new Baby Moccasin unveiling, because I got a little distracted by today’s amazing weather and all the signs of fall that are showing up in the garden. Everywhere you look, new bits of color are popping up. The crab apple trees are covered in cheerful red berries and elsewhere leaves are turning orange.

berries & branches

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garden things

Most evenings we take Cors for a walk to the park. He  starts going crazy, running around and barking and trying to herd his humans to the door if we don’t have him in his walk harness by 6, silly pup!

Last night on our way back from the park it hit me that August is almost over! Our little backyard looked so pretty that I had to grab my camera and try to capture a little summertime sunshine and some of the colors of our garden.

Joel and Cors

Cors likes tomatos

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maybe, spring is coming