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I have a collection of bright green herbs and purple flowers brightening the front of our little cottage these days. It’s wonderful to step out to the scent of basil and rosemary and flowers.

front garden_6 front garden_4
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wisteria everywhere

This is our first spring in our new home and we’ve been surprised by an invasion of wisteria. It’s so lovely, draping over every inch of fence and tree limb, and filling the yard with a delicate perfume.

The last photo is my view from the kitchen. I like how it looks like the wisteria wants to move in with us!


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guest post: lara lewis

Hi Everyone, Lara from Hedgerow Rose over here. When Jessica asked if I would like to do a guest post on her blog, of course I was super honored and I think she and I both knew I would write something garden-related, most likely about roses. It’s one of my favorite subjects!

Five Really Good Old Garden Roses
I get asked a lot which kinds of roses I would recommend for the gardener who is new to rose-gardening, and of course the obvious selections come to mind: the wildly popular Knock Outs, and, my favorite landscape rose, the Flower Carpets. But I think what most people love about roses is their heavenly fragrance and sadly many of the rugged new hybrids lack scent almost entirely. It’s a genetics thing–often the tradeoff for vigorous growth and disease resistance means the fragrance gene gets wiped out. But not always; and in that elite group of rugged, fragrant, no fuss no muss varieties you’ll find some of my favorite Old Garden Roses. It was really hard to narrow it down to a small handful of (and I realize that many, many great cultivars are missing from the list) but here are 5 good choices to get your collection of Old Garden Roses started:

Madame Hardy

‘Madame Hardy’ a Damask blend from 1832, with fresh white blossoms and a green button eye. The fragrance is strong and reminds me of sweet, raw honey.


Madame Plantier

‘Madame Plantier’ a fragrant Alba blend from 1835, has very similar blossoms to that of ‘Madame Hardy’ but tinier. They are born in sprays on a very rugged plant.

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beautiful greenhouses

Every year before the frosts come, I bring in lots of plants. They end up in pretty much any room that gets some decent sun. Upstairs and down, they really are scattered all over. I grew strawberries for the first time last summer and I brought the strawberry plants in for the winter and the little things completely surprised me by blooming again! I just noticed the mini strawberries a few days ago. There’s one on each plant.

Jan 15

This shot (above) of the tenacious strawberries makes me really want a greenhouse.

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because fall is coming

I’m running a little bit behind on my new Baby Moccasin unveiling, because I got a little distracted by today’s amazing weather and all the signs of fall that are showing up in the garden. Everywhere you look, new bits of color are popping up. The crab apple trees are covered in cheerful red berries and elsewhere leaves are turning orange.

berries & branches

the first bit of fall

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in the garden

I have to get up early for work everyday, but I always take a little time in the mornings to make the watering rounds with Cors in tow. Cors sometimes likes to sneak a drink from the watering can. Sometimes he just watches for chipmunks.

We start with the patio flowers.  The first rosebud of the summer just showed up!

first rosebud of the summer

My brand new tickweed (its proper name is moonbeam coreopsis) plants look so pretty in the morning sunshine.


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garden helper

Cors, the pup, and I have morning and after work rituals of watering the gardens. His favorite is the little container garden that’s growing on the balcony. He runs to the corner to poke his nose through the rails, tries sneak a little water himself and barks at the birds that are always hanging out in the ever-growing birch tree. He’s my buddy.

Cors Boy

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mostly herbs and veggies

It was super windy and a little chilly today so I didn’t manage to tackle any of my outdoor garden projects.  Instead, I worked on a few knitting and indoor garden things. We did a little plant shopping and I spent most of the afternoon finding homes for our newest plants. We had barely enough planters to go around, but they’re all happy and watered now.


rosemary, cilantro and mint


This year we picked out some plants that I’ve never tried growing before and I’m kind of excited about them! We have peppers, herbs, lettuces, brussels sprouts and strawberries…

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music monday: music for plants

All my little seeds are growing like crazy and I’m almost worried I started them too soon. We might get snow this week so my little greens will be staying indoors for a bit. They seem pretty happy. They get lots of sunshine and enough, but not too much water….and music.

arugula (rocket) sprouts

Did you ever do that playing different types of music for plants experiment in jr. high? I think mine like Laura Marling. She’s their good luck charm, maybe. And if not, I like listening to her. I just found this sweet little cover of Jolene that she did with those Irish lads, Mumford & Sons. It’s adorable!

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because spring

Maybe it’s because of all the Spring-like sunshine (even though it’s still freeeeezing outside!) or maybe I’ve had a little more free time, whatever the reason I’ve been pulling out my old paints and canvasses, bright yarn and (figurative) gardening gloves and messing around. Lots! I gathered up a bunch of photos from recent projects and here they are:

A mock-up of  a painting. The real one will be much larger and darker and lighter and things…

my first painting in forever

Arugula (rocket) sprouts. You can see the spot in the middle where Cors decided to put his nose where it doesn’t belong…

arugula (rocket) sprouts

They're growing so fast that they're about three times this size now.

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