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lucky no. 4

I spent most of yesterday baking and cooking, taking photos and hanging out with friends and somehow I completely forgot to draw a winner for the Out of the Blue class giveaway. I’m so sorry about that!

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afternoon thoughts

It’s so perfectly chilly today and the wind is whipping leaves all over the place. It feels so nice to be inside with a cup of hot coffee and a bit of chocolate. Today is going pretty well and tonight I will be baking apple pies!

I’m getting excited for Halloween this year! I keep thinking of pumpkins and black cats and caramel apples. (Joel got me the most delicious caramel apple dipped in nuts a few days ago, yum!) Are you dressing up this year?

photo by Reed Reeder

Congratulations to Marina for winning the Thief & Bandit giveaway and for her adorable new son!

and the winner is…

Sorry for being late on posting this! I know you’ve all been waiting. Time just completely got away from me yesterday!

Congratulations to Katy, the winner of the RobbieMotto giveaway!

wanted: rotting pumpkins

photo by Evil Erin

I hope you’re having a lovely fall (or spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere)! My plans tonight involve relaxing with some knitting, eating pie and a chilly walk in the leaves with my boys! I am loving October!

and the winner is…

First things first! Congratulations to lucky number 11, Lauren, the winner of the Yorktown Road giveaway!

Yesterday my friend Harry tweeted-I hope it’s not creepy that I’m blogging about someone else’s tweet, anyway…- he said, “I love looking through other peoples favourites on flickr. You can get a glimpse of what that person is about from what they favourite.” I was intrigued so I went looking through his favorites and found so many beautiful shots!

furry friends

cute pup

photo by Adrià Cañameras

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a winner and wishes

Congratulations to Joanna, the winner of the Corrieberry Pie giveaway!

Wishes: I’m a very happy person. I try not to be annoying about it, but sometimes I am. Anyway, I thought about not writing the second half of this post because it felt too whiny to me. Oh well, here it goes… it feels so wonderful not to be living in a construction zone anymore, but lately I’ve been getting that itch. If you have ever redesign, renovated, or bought a “oh heavens, what on earth were we thinking!” kind of house you’ll know what I’m talking about. That urge pull out the paint and heavy machinery and remake your space. Lately I’ve been trying to fend off that urge with pretty photos. I tell myself that this will be helpful next time we renovate, but mostly…

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happy thoughts

I’ve been a little under the weather for the last few days, which of course is no fun. So I’m cheering myself up with happy thoughts and drinking tea and re-watching favorite movies. Today I went through some of my old bookmarks and found this pretty photo. I think it looks like a perfect afternoon!

click photo for credit

One more happy thought:
Congratulations to Kara, the winner of the Paper Owl giveaway!

happy thursday

I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday! I got some great news yesterday, I start a new job on Monday! So I’m enjoying my last few days of “freedom” with a little cleaning, a little baking and lots of relaxing!  Doesn’t this picnic look perfect…

photo by Samantha Lamb

Congratulations to Tisha, the winner of the Kristina Marie giveaway!

a rainy day and a winner

It’s a beautiful rainy day here, perfect for cups of coffee, finishing up a book, and cozy sweaters. I think I’ll do some painting and maybe sketch out the flower beds I’m hoping to plant this week. Rainy days always inspire me to make things!

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Congratulations to Lauren Winter, the winner of the Aida Coronado giveaway!

Don’t forget about the Kristina Marie giveaway!

happy thursday!

Congratulations to Blair, the winner of the Brooklyn Thread giveaway!

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Today I’m busy getting ready for a little road trip we’re taking this weekend. So many little things to do! I’ll be back later with a longer post. I hope you’re having a lovely day!

and the winner is…

Congratulations to Ash, the winner of the Janey Clothing giveaway!

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It’s so pretty here today! I hope you get a chance for a little outdoor adventure!