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favorites: beauty

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a brand new lip balm/eye shadow/you can fill in the blank with your favorite beauty item. This week’s (belated) Favorites post is all about things for that wonderful “new beautifying things” feeling.

I picked out a bunch of lovely things, perfect for filling stockings of making a little beauty kit:

Favorites for Beauty

1) Beautiful Pouch by Scout & Catalogue  2) Tiny Locket by The Vamoose  3) Lollia Hand Cream Mini  4) The Perfect Red Nail Polish by Butter London  5) Argan Oil and Wildflower Palette by Josie Maran  6) Pomegranate Kit by Burt’s Bees  7) Nail Kit via Sephora  8) Lulu Organic Hair Powder

anatomy of a present

Happy (early) birthday to my good friend, Abby! I met Abby through work and I am so glad I did! She’s one of those bright sparks who makes your life better with coffee and good conversation. We’re also knitting buddies!

Today, I thought I’d share a peek at how I approach gift giving. Maybe I over think things, but a little extra thought can go a long way to making someone’s day and I think that’s important.

Anatomy of a Present 1

My go to gift usually has: 1) a sweet treat  2) a card  3) something handmade 4) a good book and 5) pretty wrappings

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brown paper packages

I love wrapping presents. That might sound funny, but it’s true. For me half the fun of giving a gift is wrapping it up nice and pretty. Lately, my favorite material to use is brown paper, because it is just so useful and because it feels like a blank slate. It can easily be dressed up for all kinds of occasions. I like embellishing with lace and ribbons or buttons and twine.

I wanted to give Joel’s birthday presents an air mail feel this year, so I wrapped everything using double-sided tape (clear tape looks weird to me on brown paper), the top and smallest gift on the pile got a piece of air mail ribbon and securing everything with twine.

September 21

They turned out just how I wanted them, too. (The little present was a book that I am so proud of finding! I’ll have to photograph it sometime.)

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