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summer reading, pt. 1

There a lot more daylight right now and for me that means a little more time for reading outside in the evenings. I thought it would be fun to start an ongoing summertime series toshare some of the blogs, books, and magazines that are keeping me entertained these days.

Hand and Hand

I heard about this wonderful new zine from Jessica. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Hand and Hand is a new zine celebrating the maker’s hand and mind. We believe that making is not simply about learning new skills or sourcing great materials, but about discovery, exchange and an intimate relationship with materials and practice developed over time that have connected humans for generations.

You can buy your copy over here.


I can’t get enough of┬áJen’s Scout Tee projects. They’re so smart and I’ve learned so much from seeing her process of pattern making and sewing. I really liked this post about making knit variations of the Scout Tee.

scout tee

You can learn how to make one for yourself over here.