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nice things

This week I’ve had three glorious days off back to back. It’s felt so great to have time to get on with my schoolwork and I’m really enjoying this semester. I think my drawing is getting better, which is nice because when I started my program boy was it scary!

I took care of a bunch of house projects too and that ever promised home tour is coming ever so soon! I hope!

I did some other fun things as well, like picking up these little lion flowers. Perfect for October, aren’t they?

Little Lion Flowers

I got to try a the featured lavender latte at Vintage Heart and started my new book. The latte tasted like flowers and happiness.

Lavender Latte

I was talking to my sister today about how we both always associate certain books with certain of the year. I always re-read Pride & Prejudice in September and in October I want something a bit spooky or mysterious. Bonus points if the book has both. RIght now J.K. Rowlings, The Casual Vacancy is filling that spot quite nicely.

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new-new news

Yesterday, I came home to an exciting piece of news. I got into grad school! I’ll be starting my MFA in Fashion Design: Knitwear at Academy of Art University in the fall and well, yay! That’s mostly all I have to say about it right now.

Today’s mail brought a little present from Joel. A beautiful new copy of an old favorite. I read Middlemarch so many times in high school!


And now I’m heading back to the kitchen to finish up a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting for an office birthday. If it turns out tasty I’ll post the recipe soon!

pretty things

Wow! Wednesday is here already! Maybe this week is flying by because I’ve been staying busy with little Valentine projects and preparations. I have two more projects that I am so excited to show you this week! But I’ve also been getting distracted by all the pretty things popping up everywhere, like this beautiful Valentine’s Day e-magazine from Russia and the new TOAST Catalog.

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monday, just for fun

This afternoon I was sitting at my desk, during one of those long boring lulls that most office workers know all too well, thinking “This day needs something!” And then I spied Holly’s post which reminded me of Confetti System. (If you haven’t seen the Confetti System you need to see check them out!) after browsing their portfolio for a bit I knew what this day needed, a little magic!

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weekend photos

It’s been another snowy, lovely weekend with lots of down time and time for finishing projects. Oh, and of course time for some silly movies! I just wish weekends would stick around a little bit longer.

Friday the beautiful Valentines I had ordered from Rifle Paper Co. came. I got the variety pack and each card is so lovely!

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happy thoughts

To get the weekend off on the right foot, I’ve gathered up a few things that are making me happy today. I love these new prints that Little Brown Pen just added to their shop.  The colors are so lovely and cheerful!

click photo for credit

These pretty little pothole gardens are just so sweet and smile inducing! And I think I have officially fallen for primroses, the little white and magenta flowers in the photo. I definitely need some for our balcony!

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Happy Friday!

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