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Because of some last minute sickness, my family wasn’t able to come out to Texas like they had planned. I am thankful for them, for far away friends, and for friends who are like family and are close-by.

And also for mini celebrations with Joel and Cors.



Wishing you and yours the most wonderful Thanksgiving!

weekly loves: early christmas inspiration

Normally, I prefer to not think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but I have a feeling that Christmas is going to sneak up on my this year. I might have started my shopping (in my defense I have to ship everything from opposite ends of the country). I’ve also started a new board on Pinterest to keep track of my holiday ideas. It’s mostly lots of plans for pine and cozy things.


If you’re just starting to get in the Christmas spirit, may I suggest checking out this cute illustration and these amazing gift sets from Catbird.

happy easter

It’s been a busy weekend, but a fun one: lots of extra activities, church services, and time with friends. And now,this afternoon is being taken over by schoolwork. I have a small collection to finish rendering and a pair of trousers to sew. At least there’s more than enough sweets to go along with the work!

April 8

I ordered a half dozen of our favorite scotch mallow eggs. Oh my, they’re so good!

And I couldn’t resist two bouquets of irises. To be honest, I didn’t even try!

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happy christmas

Yesterday, was Christmas and it was a truly wonderful day. We got up not too early and I made coffee and Joel read the Christmas story and Cors sniffed at the presents that smelled like rawhide bones and tasty treats. We didn’t have a white Christmas but we had lovely soft lights and a nice warm fire, stockings, and presents to open.


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renegade craft fair holiday market

Saturday my friend Abby and I went down to the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse to the The 6th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market in Chicago. We’re quite the Renegade veterans these days, but I wasn’t prepared for the huge size of the crowd. It was a crazy-good turnout! Maybe I should have been and maybe my brain needs to catch up to the fact that it’s in Chicago and there are a ton of people in this city.

The venue and the event were both wonderful! There were booths set up upstairs and down and in lots of different rooms. Everywhere you turned there were pretty things, tasty things, and interesting conversations.

The Fieldhouse from outside and down the street a bit:

Pulaski Park Fieldhouse

I didn’t take very many photos of the lovely booths, because I’m shy and feel awkward pointing my camera at someone else’s hard work. Some year, I’d like to take portraits of all the venders, but that would be a project for the bold.

Renegade Holiday Fair

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bits of williamsburg

So as promised, I’ve put together a photo heavy post to bore you with my vacation memories share a little bit of our lovely Williamsburg, Virginia holiday. We ended up being there at a kind of funny time. All the harvest things were over and the Christmas decorations were only just going up, but it was a fun and relaxing trip.

Mossy Roof in Williamsburg

Arbor at the Williamsburg Spa

williamsburg blooming

Colonial Williamsburg is a living history museum. That means that there are lots of things to see and do. Some of my favorites are the craftsmen and women who practice traditional techniques for things like silver-working, printing, etc. Most of these skills are disappearing and I think that keeping them alive is important.

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early bird

This year I’ve realized that I do in fact love Valentine’s Day! I’m looking forward to the chance to send a little extra love to family and friends. Especially to pals who might not be expecting anything or might even be feeling a little forgotten on Feb. 14th.

In past years I’ve filled envelopes with pink and red candies and sent them hurtling all over the country. This year I’m trying to be a little more creative and avoid the typical mass produced Valentine’s fare you find at large chain stores. I’ve been slowly gather, finding boxes that are not-too-big, not-too-small and filling them with things that will hopefully make their recipients smile.

I know it’s really too early to talk about Valentine’s Day but I’ve come across a few Valentine ideas that are too sweet to miss!

In case you need a little help with your own shopping…

Sweet Something

hearts & cards

Valentine Cookies by Whimsy and Spice & Love Card by Oh My Caviler!

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happy 2011!

I hope wherever you are you got to spend New Year’s Eve just the way you wanted to! We had a houseful of friends over and way too much to eat! Joel made his famous pizzas, there were cheese and crackers and crusty breads, sweets and lots of contributions from our pals.

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve

After cups of coffee all around we managed to stay up until midnight with a game of scrabble.

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my christmas

I don’t know about you, but this Christmas has seemed better than usual, extra Christmasy somehow. It might have been all the snow or being a little extra prepared.  I’m not sure why but it’s seemed more happy and peaceful. I hope yours was wonderful!

I was one of the first ones up on Christmas. I let the pups out to roll around in the snow that was still falling. It started really falling right around midnight Christmas Eve. I made coffee and waited around. I woke people up when I started to get impatient. Eventually we had our traditional Belgian waffle Christmas breakfast and the present opening began!

Here are a few photos from my Christmas…

Christmas Clementines

Christmas clementines from our stockings

I got some adorable and beautiful things in my stocking like: mini canvases and brushes (can’t wait to get painting!), beautiful soft yarn, and of course clementines and nuts.

Christmas Morning

my boys on Christmas Morning

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merry christmas!

I wish you a merry Christmas! I wish you a merry Christmas! I wish you a merry Christmas and lots of fun and laughs and presents and hugs and happiness and good memories!

candy canes

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Thank you all for your comments and emails throughout the year!  You are all so inspiring to me!