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weekend “check this out” suggestions

I really meant to have this post up last night but then, to make a long and boring story short, I sewed a few pieces of my homework (a yoked bodice) incorrectly and had to practice my salty language tear out a bunch of stitches and start again.

Saturday, the day before the great sewing problem, I got a bunch of my Christmas shopping done. This was mostly due to the truly AMAZING gift guide/magazine that Ez from Creature Comforts made. It’s quite possibly the best giving guide I’ve ever seen. I can’t praise it enough!

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dreaming of a white christmas

I’m still waiting for the snow to start, but with all the coming and going that Christmas Eve brings at my parents house, it’s probably just as well that the flakes are holing off. For now. I still have my fingers crossed that I’ll wake up tomorrow to presents and good food, yes, but mostly I’m hoping to wake up to snow!

click photo for credit

How cute is this photo! I think it kind of says it all!

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a happy evening

I had the perfect evening last night! The kind of quiet, happy winter night that makes me wish I could spend every day at home with the snow swirling, the house warm from baking and knitting by the soft Christmas lights.


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tis the season, holiday prints

It was so refreshing to read about this beautiful little way to lend a hand that Kara cooked up.

About a month ago she was feeling, “…really selfish. And sick of feeling selfish. So I asked some amazing, designing friends of mine if they could cook up something for a small postcard print fundraiser and they being so lovely, obliged. I was delighted at what showed up in my inbox and so inspired by their generosity.

Here’s the deal. Each unique, 4×6 inch print is $6 or you could go for the whole package of 5 prints for $24.”

tis the season fundraiser

100% of profits will go the The Mercy House, a six-bed maternity home for pregnant girls and staff on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya set to open the summer of 2011. You can read more about The Mercy House’s mission here or visit their Etsy store and donate to their cause.

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this week

I have been looking forward to this week for a month now and it’s finally here! I have the week off and we have family in town so we have lots of adventures and cooking and baking and things planned.  It’s going to be wonderful!

We took a little roadtrip to a small town west of us. There was coffee, photos, and laughter about our rain-curled hair.


photo by Lara Lewis

It’s so beautiful and misty today and I keep thinking about this pretty photo Lara Lewis took. It makes me think of everything I love about this time of year: the falltime fading into winter and holidays and time with family. I love it!

*Crab apple photo by Pati

holiday sweets: melissa from tiny happy

Today’s sweet recipe comes from Melissa of Tiny Happy. Melissa is an all around genius lady. She keeps a delightful blog, a pretty Etsy shop, and the loveliest flickr! I especially love her kitchen photos. They are so pretty and delicious-looking all at once!

Tiny Happy

This is a classic Antipodean treat to have after dinner with coffee, take hiking, or wrap nicely and give as gifts at Christmas time.
It’s simple and quick, and I usually have the ingredients on hand, which means it’s dangerously easy to make at any time!

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holiday sweets: emma from red velvet art

I am so very excited to introduce a little baking mini-series that will be running all week! I’m calling it Holiday Sweets and thanks to five extra sweet ladies, there will be  a delicious recipe waiting for you each evening! Perfect for taking

Our first yummy recipe comes from Emma. She is a member of team Red Velvet and the genius behind their Sweet Shop. If you ever find yourself in Springfield, MO make sure you stop by for delicious bubble tea and at least one cupcake!


photos by Float Away Studios

Here is my recipe:
First off, I’m a bit of cheat because I have found that my favorite way to create the caramel apple base is to use the pre-made caramel sheets you can buy at the grocery store. I’ve attached a picture in case you have no idea what I’m talking about.

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gift guide: love & letters

I am not a big fan of seeing Christmas trees up and lights strung before Thanksgiving, but I am a serious list maker and a planner and so I must (secretly) admit that I have started my shopping. If I was feeling a little more truthful I would tell you that I may or may not be around 75% done. Shh, let’s pretend we didn’t hear that!

This year I am trying extra hard to put more thought into gifts and choose as many handmade things as possible. I’ll be posting my findings in weekly, themed gift guides for the next five weeks or so. This week’s theme is Love & Letters, enjoy!

“A person who can write a long letter with ease, cannot write ill.” – Jane Austen

1) French Keepsake Letter Set 2) All The Stars Decal 3) Wood You Be Mine 4) Message In A Bottle Service

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california christmas

My goodness, it’s been so quiet around here!  I think I’m slowly emerging from the holiday fog of cookies and long “catch up” conversations with family and friends. A few days ago we drove up to Big Bear Lake (I worked at a camp there one summer).  It’s the most adorable mountain town and I was so excited to see it with a little snow. I mostly shot with our Holga before switching to our Nikon D80.

the partially frozen lake

The lake was just a bit frozen and so lovely!

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deck the halls

We’ve been having the most wonderful, relaxing holiday.  Reading by the fire and laughing with family and friends over hot cocoa. There’s nothing quite like knitting by the tree and watching a Christmas movie!

deck the halls

(carol garland) (yarn tree tutorial)

Congratulations to Vanessa, the winner of The Cupcake Mint giveaway!