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wisteria everywhere

This is our first spring in our new home and we’ve been surprised by an invasion of wisteria. It’s so lovely, draping over every inch of fence and tree limb, and filling the yard with a delicate perfume.

The last photo is my view from the kitchen. I like how it looks like the wisteria wants to move in with us!


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around here lately

My last semester of grad school started last week. The week before was a sunny blur of treats and reading for fun. Now it’s time to get down to the exciting work of my thesis projects!

Last week I drafted a quick hoodie pattern and for the first time pattern-making felt easy. I really like making patterns, but that hasn’t meant that making them came naturally to me. Now all of a sudden it feels like all the motions of pattern-making have finally clicked into place in my brain and I just “get it” now. Such a great feeling!

Home, Lately

We’re still unpacking and setting up our new home. It’s taking a little while. Maybe because moving from a modern loft to a 1920s cottage is more than a small change.

We got rid of a lot of our super modern-looking pieces of furniture and are still making decisions for how to replace them. We commissioned three new bookcases and a desk from a local team of brothers who do welding and woodwork. We’ve gotten one of the bookcases and I am so thrilled with it!

home 1

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staying warm

I hope you’re staying warm. It’s actually cold here in Texas. Pass the hot chocolate and blankets, please!

Cors has been stealing covered when he gets back from his morning walk with Joel.

sleepy cors 1

sleepy cors 2

around here lately

Wow, it got quiet around here very quickly. March has been a crazy month.

There was SXSW, which brought lots of friends to town, a small St. Patrick’s Day celebration involving lots of pie, midterms, bad allergies, and a sick pup. Cors is feeling better and we’re all pretty happy that his tummy issues are calming down.


Above: pattern drafting, lazy (and delicious) dinner decisions, and lovable Cors

coffee break

Sometimes, I need to step away from my drawing desk, make some coffee, read a book.

Yes, and smell the roses, too.

coffee break 1

coffee break 2

coffee break 3

sunday afternoon

Confession time…

The christmas tree has been undecorated for weeks, but that 9 foot evergreen shadow was still hanging out in a corner of the loft. We finally got it out of the apartment Sunday afternoon and it feels like a brand new space.

sunday afternoon 1

So much more room and light!
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pumpkins & books

I’ve been sneaking little breaks from midterm projects to enjoy some the books and chocolates I got for my birthday. If you ask me, books and chocolate are the best gifts ever! Add some candles and pumpkins and you have the perfect reading situation.

I can’t resist pumpkins right now and I don’t even want to try. I keep adding to our piles of them:

pumpkins and books

our bright boy

The pup has been extra adorable lately. He’s always so bright-eyed and cheerful, but recently we’ve had a flurry of early mornings and he always gets up and keeps us company.

He has also developed a hilarious passion for toast with butter and jam. If there is toast he is there with eyes locked on your plate. A few days ago, I set down my toast and went to pour my coffee. A few seconds later I heard the “click click” of Cors’ paws coming towards me. I looked down and there was Cors, my toast in his mouth, he set it down at my feet. Like an offering. What a goose!


friday afternoon

The light in the loft was so lovely yesterday afternoon. I picked up my camera and wandered around looking for interesting things: a stamp behaving like a bookmark, Cors curled up on a blanket, bamboo, guitars, everything was fair game.

Afternoon reading

laundry day

I’ve make a habit of treating Fridays as a laundry day and the pup loves it. So many cozy spots to pounce on!

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