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joni mitchell and a little shop talk

There isn’t much to report today. I’m just having a nice, quiet evening of Joni Mitchell (isn’t Blue the best?)and fancy grilled cheese and knitting away on some new things for the shop. I’m going to have a few new styles of Baby Mocs to share on Thursday. They’re super cute!

August 23

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weekend things

So today I did many things. Like lots and lots! I slept until the sun woke me up instead of the alarm. I dug up the old tire that previous tenants thought was a great idea to use as a flowerbed ornament. (Really, guys?) Weeded the flower bed and spread nice fresh mulch. The patio looks a hundred times more inviting.

We went to the market and found some delicious cherries and blueberries. Rainier cherries are the best!

July 30

I did laundry and gave myself a manicure. I ordered embroidery floss for my friendship bracelet swap. I got my partner today and I’m excited to get started on my contribution!

cherries and blueberries

And now it’s time for coffee and sketching out a few new patterns. How is your Saturday going?

we like the rain

It’s supposed to storm like crazy this weekend, but that’s okay because we like the rain. We like staying inside and watching movies and baking cookies and working on projects. As much as I daydream about travel, it’s always nice to be at home and cozy. Cors likes marching around the house and answering the thunder with a little growl or two. He likes stealing blankets and sleeping in warm sheets on laundry day (Saturday).

rainy days

I’m hoping for a weekend of reading, coffee drinking, and project finishing.
Happy Friday to you!

cozy, homey friday

Happy Friday evening! I had plans to go out and see The Illusionist tonight, but they sadly fell through. (Next week for reals, Abby!) So instead I’m tucked up at home with a bit of a thunderstorm and a somewhat sickly puppy. It feels nice to be cozied up at home. Here are a few cozy, homey things I’m loving tonight.

Julie’s lovely quilt makes me want to make one. It’s been ages since I’ve done any quilting!

zip zag quilt

quilt and photo by Julie

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