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how to: write a letter to your congressperson

I spent lots of time in college writing letters for Amnesty International and over the last 6 months or so I have been pestering writing to my members of congress about lots of other issues that matter to me. I thought today on this SOPA Blackout Day I should share my tips for writing to your government official.

photo 343

Here’s how I approach it:

1. Know who to write to.
If you don’t know who your Senators and Representatives are, you can look up them up on the Senate Directory and House of Representatives site. These sites are also great places for finding your representatives’ contact info.

2. Be polite.
On the other end of that email is a real person and you won’t do your cause any good by insulting them. You might not be able to change their mind, but make your best case, be funny, give it the ol’ college try. Insults aren’t going to get you any bonus points.

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wednesday loves

I’ve got a whole slew of lovelies to share today, so let’s get right to it! I am completely over the moon about this super pretty number pinata how-to from Oh Happy Day!  There’s a birthday celebration coming up in our house next month. I’ll get to try it out soon!

I think it would be fun to make letter too and spell out messages. So many possibilities!

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come on over

Hi! This is just a quick note to tell you that I’m guest posting for Kara (she’s off on a Montana roadtrip, lucky girl!) on I Just Might Explode today. I whipped up a little no-sew tee shirt alteration how-to for Kara’s Summer Threads series. It was such a fun project!

Guest Postin' on I Just Might Explode

You can see all the step by step instruction in this post over on I Just Might Explode. If you try it out, leave a comment here or there to let me now what you think!

thrifty friday: sweater mending

Sorry this week’s Thrifty post is a little late. I underestimated the difficulty of photographing this one! Joel helped me out so here we go!

In college, all the girls on my floor called me “floor mom” because whenever there was a laundry or housework emergency, I usually had the answer. The problem I fixed the most were snags in sweaters. My brand new sweater got a snag this week and I thought this was a great time to share how to fix it!

Thrifty Friday: How to Mend a Sweater

the snag

You’ll need: thread, scissors, and needle or crochet hook.

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thrifty friday guest post from kara haupt

Hi! My name is Kara Haupt and I blog at I Just Might Explode. I think Jessica’s Thrifty Friday posts are awesome and I was glad I could contribute a little somethin’ somethin.

Justifying accessory purchases in penny pinching times is a little hard. Here is a super simple DIY to add a little detail of interest without even leaving your craft area.

All you need is a hairband, ribbon or lace, needle, and a shank button.

First slide the 14-18 inch lace through a the hole in a shank button using a needle( pulling a string loose on the lace and doing a quick tie through the eye of the needle was my method of choice). Pull the button to the center of the ribbon.

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fall is for making things

Last weekend I went through all of my knitting/crafting/making supplies. I sorted out seed beads and sequins and a tangle of felt and threads, and then I found more tiny balls of yarn than I thought could possibly be rolling around this house. I was looking at them all together and then I thought of this photo:

pom pom garland

photo by honestly…wtf

It’s such an adorable idea, I had to try to make one for myself! It turned out so cute and super easy to make!

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weekend project ideas

I got so many little things done around the house today! Things I had been putting off like going through the closets and drawers and sorting out clothes into keep and donate piles. There may or may not have been things still hanging around from my high school days. Yeah, who am I kidding! There totally were!

It feels so good to be organized and know what is actually in my dresser now! My reward for getting things checked off of my list was a nice hot cup of coffee-it’s chilly and wonderful here today- and an exploration of the Etsy Blog‘s How-To category. I found a bunch of cute projects but this Wood Wall Hanging tutorial video With Meg Allan Cole is my favorite!

How-Tuesday: Wood Wall Hanging With Meg Allan Cole from Etsy on Vimeo.

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