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weekly moodboard: winter black and white

My Weekly Loves posts have started morphing into moodboards recently so I think I’m going to split them up into two different posts. Weekly Loves will be reading material and interesting finds and Weekly Moodboards will be inspiration snippets and maybe bits of my design projects.

To start, here’s a ladylike mix of black and whites. One of the first assignments I had this semester was to design a collection without color. I’m still playing with that idea a bit.

winter black and white

{one}  {two}  {three}  {four}  {five}  {six}

ladylike autumn

I’ve been finding lots of ladylike inspiration these days. The kind that makes me want to dress up and sew glittery beads on to things for hours on end. Preferably with a fire, while watching Downton Abbey (I can’t believe season three is over!) and eating fancy cookies. Mmm, I can almost smell the pine:


1 |  2 |  3 |  4 |  5 |  6 |  7 |

weekly loves: monochrome

This week’s post was supposed to be all about lovely fall colors and how jealous I am of all my more northernly friends who are getting to experience autumn already. But then I ended up liking all monochrome things. I don’t mind. They’re quite lovely!

weekly loves monochromatic

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six & Seven

saturday morning inspiration

I was sitting at the dinning room table painting my nails when I remembered a video that I had seen popping up on Etsy lately. I had been meaning to watch it so I pulled it. It surprised me with its loveliness.

“With a needle and fiber, of course, anything can be done. This is what I believe.”

Handmade Portraits: Ayşegül & Sebahat from Etsy on Vimeo.

wednesday loves: inspirations

I’ve been feeling a bit hurried and busy lately, but I gave myself a smaller amount of schoolwork* last night and a little time for painting my nails red and looking at pretty things. I’m feeling recharged and a little inspired today and I have lots to share!

Flickr never stops inspiring me and making me want to take better photos. These are some recent favorites:


{Photo by Elle Moss}

a cute cupcake foursome!

{Photo by Coco Cupcakes}

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wednesday loves

It’s been a rainy with sunshine kind of day. It’s such dreamy weather and I think I have some pretty dreamy things for today’s loves. I hope you’ll like them!

First up, a recent purchase! I love this modern friendship bracelet from Ayofemi Jewelry. I ordered it for my sister and it came yesterday. Just look how darling it is! It’s quite delicate and I love how it looks draped on a rock I brought back from California.

friendship bracelet by Ayofemi Jewelry

friendship bracelet by Ayofemi Jewelry

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wednesday loves: pretty things

I think I’m getting just a bit tired of the ol’ “Pretty Things” weekly post so today I’m starting something new. I still kind of like the idea of having one post a week for a little show and tell time, so starting today we’ll have “Wednesday Loves”, instead! I’ll still be sharing things that are currently inspiring me but with less pressure to list a whole bunch of pretties. I think it’s going to be fun!

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pretty things: indoors and out

Today is beautiful and almost warm. The wind is fresh and not bitter. It feels like spring and I’m starting to think of new things, new cities to visit, new plants to grow, new new new! Today’s pretty things are a little mixture of the outdoors, the indoors and a few overlaps of the two.

I always feel a little bit funny posting about TOAST. Isn’t it a bit like saying, “The new Anthropologie catalog is soooo pretty!”?  Of course it’s true but it’s not really newsworthy because Anthro has a solid reputation for loveliness, but you know I don’t usually look at an Anthro catalog and think “But I want to live there!”  and that is how TOAST always makes me feel.

Pretties from TOAST

I want to lounge in that pretty robe (pup in tow!), leisurely make toast with lots of butter and jam and the hardest decision of the day would be which satin-lined pair of slippers to choose.

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recent inspirations

Over the weekend I pulled out my camera and tried my hand at a few ideas that have been inspiring me lately. Anabela’s post got me thinking about my own five daily necessities. They aren’t that exciting but they are beloved and I always have them with me.

And they are…

five things

1) My Tiny Happy bag. I feel a little like I’m cheating with this one because of all the important things I stash in here: cable needles, tapestry needles, craft scissors, double pointed needles, back up nail file, bobby pens…

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pretty things

My goodness, the old day job just about wore me out today, but now I’m all cozy at home with a playful pup and a warm cup of coffee. There’s a batch of toffee and chocolate chip cookies waiting to go in the oven and I three pretty things and one happy thought for your Wednesday!

1) The lovely Paris Color Series photo by Little Brown Pen. I especially love the green and yellow sets!

Paris Color Series - Green

Paris Color Set, Yellow

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