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I’ve started thinking about Christmas already. Probably because we’re having a full-blown cold front here in Austin, brrr! Between you and me I’ve actually begun wrapping presents already!

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea put the cable knit coffee cozy pattern back in the Etsy shop incase anyone might be looking for gifts to make this year.  I’m also thinking of whipping up a pattern and directions for the knit cowl scarves I made last year. Like this one:

christmas knits

stress knitting

red mittens

Over the summer (what was I thinking knitting a thick wool while it was blazing hot out?!), I finished up this very overdo mitten project. Joel first bought me the yarn in 2009 I think. It’s a soft baby alpaca wool in a wonderful red that’s a little hard to capture in photos. I finally got ahold of enough yarn for two mittens and after some starting and stopping they’re done!

I doubt I’ll be getting to wear them much this Texas winter, but I am so happy with how they turned out I don’t even mind. I’m not sure what I love the most, the twisted cable at the wrists or the lovely cables on the tops of the mittens.

red mittens 1
red mittens 2
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keep your fingers warm

Friends, there was frost on the ground this morning. Frost! That’s not something we’re terribly used to here in Texas.

I plan to spend as much time as I can today under a blanket knitting. I’m getting close to finishing the first round of  Christmas gifts I’m knitting and I can’t help eyeing  a few mittens. They seem like the perfect November project!

warm hands
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always knitting

I’m busily knitting Christmas presents right now and I can’t wait to post them here, but of course we’ll have to wait a few months. The folks they’re for need to get them first! All the knitting has got me thinking of the things I would like to make to add to my own wardrobe. I like the thought of this knit turban and a cozy sweater robe:

knit inspiration

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rowan hat

Years after picking up this gorgeous pattern book by Rowan, I have finally tried one of the projects! I made the Tinker Hat. I was intrigued by the pattern because the hat is flat knit (knitters will know what I mean). When making hats I normally work in the round. It was a good experience to have to slow down and follow the pattern as it was written instead of glancing at the photo and knowing how I would knit the hat were I making it in the round.

Side note, the type of cable used on the hat is really only achievable by flat knitting.

Rowan Tinker Hat

During our Easter trip to Portland, I picked up the most cheerful, sunshine-yellow yarn. I was saving it for a hat and this project was the perfect opportunity. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. Next up, I may need to make the sweater, too!

Rowan Hat 1


Rowan Hat 2


Rowan Hat 3


sweater inspiration

I’d like to make myself a cream-colored sweater for the fall. Maybe something like the herringbone pattern of the first sweater…

knit inspiration

Source: One, Two & Three


We had a rare cloudy, stormy day in Austin and I stayed busy inside: baking cookies, planning a makeover for the balcony, reworking a mitten, and reading. After finishing A Moveable Feast I felt a little at a loss and couldn’t settle into any of the yet unread books I have around here. My friend Tiffany recommended The Paris Wife and it’s the perfect book to follow all the Hemingway.



It tells the story of Hemingway’s relationship with his first wife from her point of view. The writer’s style is very engaging and I’m breezing through it. It reminds me of Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald in a good way.

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work in progress: socks

I was hoping to have one sock finished by now but for some reason I am having a devilishly tricky time with the heel. I’ve pulled the thing to bits and started over from scratch twice now. I’m determined not to do that again. I think I understand the basic concept of the heel, but the pattern I’m using is confusing me about the number of stitches that make up the heel base.

sock in progress

Sigh, I guess I better go read that part again for the zillionth time.

sock in progress
Fingers crossed, I’ll have a break through and a finished sock soon!

work in progress: knit socks

So I’ve started my first ever pair of knit socks. I had this idea that socks would be hard, too hard, way way way too hard. But then Jen went on a sock making rampage (in the very best sense) and I could resist trying my hand at sock making. I ordered the book that the pattern she used was in and went through my yarn stash and picked out a cozy striped alpaca.

sock making

sock making

I’m getting to the heel which I’m thinking will be the trickiest bit. I’ll post more photos when they’re a little more sock-like.