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wednesday loves: blue and yellow

I’ve been so productive tonight! I ran errands, did laundry, made a banana creme pie, gave Cors a bath, did some knitting, replied to emails, and took a few photos like this one of the beautiful yellow ranunculus on the dinning room table which has been taken over by my painting things.


The colors in this photo reminded me of these pretty things…

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wednesday loves: 3 sets of lovelies

Happy Wednesday! Lots of things are making mine happy: wearing a brand new dress, my side up-do staying in place (thanks to a zillion bobby pins!), sunshine and chocolate covered pretzels.

Maybe it’s the sunshine, but I’m feeling extra loving today so I had to work hard to narrow down what I wanted to share for this week’s Wednesday Loves. I picked three “sets” of things that I LOVE, enjoy!

1) New (to me) Etsy Finds

Etsy loves

Clutch, NecklaceBoots & Headband

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a few pretty things

It’s absolutely frigid here in Chicago! All I want to do is curl up with knitting, a good movie and the pup. Maybe that’s why I’ve been collecting pretty things to look at and bookmarking all kinds of things for cozy-ing up indoors. So here’s just a few of the cozy, pretty things that I’m loving today!

An adorable kitty snuggle…

adorable kitty

photo by Neëst

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gift guide: love & letters

I am not a big fan of seeing Christmas trees up and lights strung before Thanksgiving, but I am a serious list maker and a planner and so I must (secretly) admit that I have started my shopping. If I was feeling a little more truthful I would tell you that I may or may not be around 75% done. Shh, let’s pretend we didn’t hear that!

This year I am trying extra hard to put more thought into gifts and choose as many handmade things as possible. I’ll be posting my findings in weekly, themed gift guides for the next five weeks or so. This week’s theme is Love & Letters, enjoy!

“A person who can write a long letter with ease, cannot write ill.” – Jane Austen

1) French Keepsake Letter Set 2) All The Stars Decal 3) Wood You Be Mine 4) Message In A Bottle Service

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