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weekly loves: just two

I found myself with an unexpected day off yesterday. I spent the morning productively working on the apartment, watched a cute French movie around lunchtime, and then came across these three pretty things in the afternoon:

When it comes to fashion overlapping with art, I don’t think anyone is doing it quite as nicely as Mary Katrantzou. Her second collaboration with photographer, Erik Madigan Heck, is just jaw-droppingly beautiful. It’s like liquid color.

Mary Katrantzou + Erik Madigan Heck

photos via Honestly WTF


I really enjoyed reading the Featured Seller interview with Danielle from Handy Maiden. Her explanation of what handmade means for her is sweet and poetic.

Handy Maiden

photo via Handy Maiden

right now: my favorite designer

My favorite fashion designer right now is Mary Katrantzou. Her designs have wonderful sculptural elements like layers of fabric that mimic graceful butterfly wings or the bold proportions of Russian nesting dolls. A lot of her work reminds me of sculpture. And then there’s her amazing use of pattern. I could go on and on.

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