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mood board: brights and neutrals

I often feel pulled in two directions when it comes to the way that I want to dress and decorate. I love seeing bright and bold colors and prints, but usually tend to the classic, even monochromatic at times. Today, I wanted to make a mood board that mashed up some of the images that have caught my eye lately. I think that their differences actually compliment each other rather well.

moodboard: femininity in the city

Sources: onetwothree, and four

moodboard: what gatsby?

I almost called this post “Coming up Daisy”, but I’m sure we’ll all be hearing more kitschy Gatsby puns than anyone should this week. Of course, I am so excited (tickets? check!) about seeing the new film version on Friday that I knew this week’s moodboard HAD to be at least a bit about the Gatsby. I am quite tempted to bob my hair, old sport.

moodboard: what gatsby?

Sources: One, Two, Three, Four

weekly moodboard: for the lads

For today’s Weekly Moodboard (which admittedly, has been a neglected sort of post lately), I used pins from my Boy Times board on Pinterest. I decided a semester or two ago that what I really love is designing menswear and it’s what I want to do once I finish my program. At this moment my dream job would be to work for Burberry or Norton & Sons.

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weekly moodboard

This week’s moodboard is a two-part-er. It’s also the board for my final project of the semester. I’m nearly done with it and as long as it turns out the way I’m hoping, it will be a line of separates for men and women with a vintage/heritage styling. Lots of buttons downs with interesting details, shirt dresses, and rugged hunting jackets. That sort of thing.

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weekly moodboard: tea in the winter garden

weekly moodboard: winter black and white

My Weekly Loves posts have started morphing into moodboards recently so I think I’m going to split them up into two different posts. Weekly Loves will be reading material and interesting finds and Weekly Moodboards will be inspiration snippets and maybe bits of my design projects.

To start, here’s a ladylike mix of black and whites. One of the first assignments I had this semester was to design a collection without color. I’m still playing with that idea a bit.

winter black and white

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