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new week, new flowers, pt. 4

It’s a little late in the week for this post, but I think that’s how weeks after long weekends usually end up, behind schedule. I always feel like time is running away from me after a Monday off.

These darling white carnations were a gift from my friend Tiffany. She shared ice cream, flowers, and a movie with us last night, which all made for a pretty perfect post-long weekend evening.



We watched My Week With Marilyn, which is one of those movies that I meant to see and then managed to miss when it was in theaters. It’s a gorgeous film and made me want to learn more about Marilyn. I would also have liked to steal some of her dresses and shoes!

My-Week-with-Marilyn 1

The outfit above is my favorite from the movie. Do you have any period piece movies to recommend? I’m always on the look out for another.

movie monday

I’m changing things up a little today so instead of Music Monday, welcome to Movie Monday!

The older I get the more happy I am to embrace the spooky aspects of my favorite month. (October, you’re the best!) I love the pumpkins, ghostly tree branches, and blood-red candied apples. And there’s nothing like snuggling up with a hot drink and a spooky but pretty movie! Here are three of favorite spooky/suspenseful films:

Coraline is a beautiful and eerie tale about what happens when a little girl wishes her life was different, only to have her wish come true!  But getting what you wished for isn’t always the best thing. Intriguing, no?


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hello, weekend!

lovely photo by pretty good

Lovely photo by Pretty Good

You should visit Pretty Good for gorgeous photos and happy thoughts.

I love this photo!  Doesn’t it sum up a summer Friday so perfectly?  Just looking at it, I feel the humidity and smell the heady perfume of the roses.  It’s certainly humid here and our little garden is flourishing from all the rain we’ve been having.  Does it feel like summer where you are?

I’m so glad it’s the weekend!  So far my plans include homemade chicken salad, a movie date with Joel, a mini road trip for a friend’s wedding, a fun knitting project, and lots of reading.