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music monday: a playlist for audra

I got a bit carried away in the kitchen last night making cauliflower soup (more on that another day) and I completely forgot to post this week’s Music Monday! This one is for Audra who asked for some new music recommendations last week. Here’s a playlist and some flowers for you, Audra!

fading fast

my pretty ranunculus and purple flowers are fading fast

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music monday: fall music with jeska from lobster & swan

I’m very happy to have the extra-talented Jeska from Lobster & Swan here today sharing some of her favorite Falltime music!

Here is my top ten list of favourite Autumn songs, I worked in a gallery one Christmas and we took it in turns to put our ipods on and I actually found it akin to someone reading your diary when they listen to your ipod, as it turned out no one minded a dash of carpenters with their graffiti, so here is my musical taste laid bare again, for you, I hope you like it. x

1-Did I remember-Billie Holiday

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music monday: a top ten list

I might be alone in this, but I love mornings. I love taking Cors out to the garden and seeing what’s blooming. I love making coffee and toast with lots of Irish butter and red raspberry jam.

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music monday with a bit of the weekend thrown in, too

What a happy and full weekend! Friday night there was a lot of tidying up and getting ready for a visit from a friend from college, Katie. (I love these kinds of visits!) There were also plum tart preparations and shrimp tacos. Joel makes the best tacos!

August 6

Saturday, we met up with Katie at Ikea, got some dinner, and went to see Midnight in Paris (again). It was just as magical the second time around. I was a little surprised that the theater was full, but I probably shouldn’t be. It’s a wonderful film!

Before Katie left, we had lots of coffee and chats about movies and books and things. I miss her!

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music monday & something pretty

Happy Valentine’s Day Evening! Mine has been extra nice and I hope yours has been, too. And guess what, I made a mixed tape just for you! Don’t worry they aren’t all love songs, but they are all songs that I love!

Mostly old favorites but a few new ones too!

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music monday: arcade fire on snl

So glad I stayed up on Saturday to watch Arcade Fire On Saturday Night Live! (Although, I didn’t have much of a choice after that third cup of coffee!) They were brilliant and clearly having a great time. I think this week will be an Arcade Fire sort of week!

Arcade Fire

They played one of my favorite songs from the new album. You can see a live version over here!

“They heard me singing and they told me to stop.

‘Quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock!'”

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music and books

There is just something about Fall that makes me wish for a new book, something I haven’t read yet. Maybe it’s the back to school, “bouquets of sharpened pencil” feeling that permeates the end of summer and beginning of autumn. That’s probably why early last week, I found myself standing (on tip toes) checking out the hard to reach tomes on the top shelves of our bookcases.

My fingers found Ayn Rand’s Anthem. It’s a short novella, only 100 pages long, about a world in some distant future completely controlled by the state with no word for “I” or concept of the individual and no room for differentness or unique thoughts.

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music monday

I’m sneaking in a late Music Monday this morning because these two are just too good! Our friend Andre has a remix company called RAC and they just released a remix they did for Ra Ra Riot. I kind of love it!

You can listen to it for yourself over here and check out more RAC remix tunes over there.

ra ra riot

ra ra riot

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music monday

I’ve had music on my mind a lot lately, ever since awesome internet friend, Kara (she was just in Elle Girl Korea!) suggested we do a little music swap. I was totally up for it: time to whip up two mixed CDs a piece. ¬†Okay, let’s do this!

Well, Friday I got my two fab mixes from Kara complete with lovely packaging…

…and so far I have about four playlists started and none finished. I don’t have any excuses other than being too much of a perfectionist and trying to make the best mix ever. So tonight I decided it was time to sit down with a cup of coffee and whip up two great mixes!

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music monday

Yawn. It must be Monday because that cup of coffee did not wake me up! Weekends are always too short, aren’t they? I accidentally took this weekend off from blogging. It was a nice a little break, but I missed you! How was your weekend?

You’ve probably heard all of today’s music picks before, but it’s Monday and I wanted to play a few favorites that I never get tired of and maybe even remind you of some wonderful-for-summer albums:

French NavyCamera Obscura from My Maudlin Career

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