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The 4th of July always feels a little like milestone to me. Summer is no longer young, but we are filling the days with peaches and nectarines and flowers and lots of walks with Cors.

It also makes me realize how much I have done since the semester ended. I have: done lots of yard work, rescued a little viola (photo below), painted the bathroom, completely re-organized the office/studio, did lot of great Austin things with my sister during a visit from her, and started a new job!


I really love my new job! I’m the Fulfillment Coordinator for Son of a Sailor. I’ve been following them since their early days on Etsy and now I’m a member of their nine person team! I take care of packing up all of the orders and also do some project management and customer service. I really enjoy working in the studio with this bunch of crazy-fun folks!

coffee & things

This week, I had Monday and Tuesday off and I loved all the time I had for knitting, coffee dates, bookshop trolling, yarn shopping, and playing with Cors.

Au Bouquet, Rue St. Paul via Little Brown Pen

Au Bouquet, Rue St. Paul via Little Brown Pen

I don’t really mind going back to work today because I’ll be starting a new job!  I had a rather depressing sales job, but now I’m a barista at a local coffee shop on my former college campus.  I love the vibe and people!