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weekend instagrams

Our weekend was spent  celebrating our anniversary (Happy Anniversary, Joel!!) and taking a break from work to enjoy our fun city. There were lattes at Vintage Heart, a pretty manicure, good food and a French 75 at Péché. Such a relaxing and happy weekend.

Now it’s off to finish up that last school project and work those last few days before celebrating Christmas!

weekend instagrams

Above, there’s also a photo of a Wayside Violet order being packed up. Today is the last day to place an order in time for Christmas.

work photos

I’m off of work tomorrow, but before I get to my to do list. -we have friends coming this weekend and I’m SO excited!- I thought I’d share a few photos from this working gal’s phone.

PS. I’m really enjoying my new job! It’s nice to do something a little more active than I have been doing the last few years.

work instagrams

1) Pretty necklaces  2) An owl at a Thai place after work a few nights ago
3) A skirt that I have my eye on

weekend instagrams

We’re having a fantastic thunderstorm right now! We haven’t gotten much rain since moving to Austin and I’m really enjoying this downpour. Normally it’s all sunshine and sweat around here.

For proof here’s a look at the weekend we just had:

Cors and I had a big ol’ cleaning day and I managed to get rid of a few more boxes. Fingers crossed we’ll have them all out of here by the weekend and I can finally show you what we’ve done with this new place. I’m really liking it!

photos at home

There’s been a lot of plotting and scheming happening in this house. Don’t worry they are good plots and excellent schemes. Fingers-crossed, I can share a few of them soon. But first we have to get through the school year and Joel’s graduation. Have I mentioned that Joel’s graduation means a trip to New York City? I’m so excited about it! I’ve never been properly to the city before. If you have any recommendations send them my way, please.

For now we’re keeping our heads down. Joel’s been finishing up his thesis and I’ve been sewing and drawing forever. I can’t believe how fast this semester has gone!


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I was doing so well with my photo a day project until March. It was dark when I got home most days and nothing seemed especially to need its photo taken. Getting sick didn’t help matters. Maybe it was this little accidental break that has lead to the photographing spree I’ve been on lately.

Recently, I’ve been admiring the trees that are blooming in the park,

pink tree

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recent instagrams

This week went fast. We worked, we went down town, we dressed up, we worked, we got up early and went to bed late. There was coffee. There were walks in the frost covered leaves, knitting, jelly beans and some baking.

I took a lot of Instagrams this week too and I tossed them into my new favorite toy, Analog. It’s a simple little photo editing program. I think it’s kind of fun.


Lately, I’ve been quite looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can’t wait to road trip to West Virginia in a few weeks and I am looking forward to decorating the house for Christms.

This will be our first Christmas at home and we’re getting our first real, live tree. I’m excited, but it isn’t time yet. Around here we like to keep our holidays in line. Thanksgiving first and then, watch out, holly and fairy lights are taking over!

photos from the weekend

Joel was out-of-town playing music all weekend so Cors kept each other company. I got lots done: errands, homework and I got to work on knitting projects and watch a few favorite movies, too. Cors mostly barked at squirrels and begged for belly rubs.

He winks when he’s sleepy.

I’ve realized lately that I have zero recent photos of myself and thought it was time I overcame that terrifying thing, the self-portrait. I gave it a few tries Saturday morning before meeting a friend for brunch. This was the my favorite shot.

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a few flickr favorites

Happy Friday! Don’t you love the feeling of freedom that Friday brings each week? I do! I have a few little housekeeping things that I want to do and a whole bunch of fun projects that I’m excited about getting into this weekend. I’m feeling inspired by the flickr streams I follow and can’t wait make things! I hope they’ll inspire you a bit too!

Pretty summer shoes photographed by Cathy McMurray

Shokoofkeh’s beautiful flower photos remind me that I have some fun gardening work to do.


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summertime is here

Summertime is here! Oddly enough we had a power outage at work today. It felt weird because if we have a power outage it’s nearly always because of blizzards and that sort of thing. Without power we couldn’t do any work so we got to leave early! I celebrated summer and the extra free time with some strawberries, lemonade and book time in the sun.

summertime is here

summertime is here

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holga + pup

A few summers ago, we ordered our first Holga and we were so excited when it came! It came at lunchtime and we went right outside and tried it out. I came across the prints last night and they made me feel so happy and summer sunshiny!

I don’t think I’ve posted any of them here before, so here is my favorite!


My boys on our old street. Summer can be a nostalgic time, don’t you think?