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wednesday loves

Today’s loves are all inspired by the breezy, warm weather that has finally been making an appearance around here.

First up: bright and lovely nail art and H&M’s new cotton collection. I’ve always been a dedicated nail painter but these butterfly inspired nails are amazing!

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busy times

It’s been busy over here! And it’s going to be getting more and more crazy for the next few weeks. It’s just that time of year!

I was feeling a little extra stressed today, so when Erin posted about the beautiful blog Nordic Design (totally a new favorite!) I was thrilled to come across this idyllic cabin. The photos are so calm and gentle and they make me happy. I want to live some place like this someday!


I would be happy to just spend a week some place like this, napping by the fire, staying up to read, sleep in late and finally getting to try my new golden nail polish! Mmm, yes that sounds perfect!

cozy indoors and things

Happy Friday! I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend!  I’m just happy that it’s almost here. Fall is always the most inspiring time of year for me and I feel like I’ve had more ideas than time lately. This weekend I’m going to finally check a few fun projects off of my list! Excited! But before I dive into some serious yarn and needle time, here are a few pretty things.

I haven’t made an Etsy treasury in ages, but I had a few minutes yesterday so I raided my recent favorites and made Pretty Things for Good Days. What do you think?

Click the photo to see the live treasury with links to all the pretty things!

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pretty offices

I’ve been collecting lots of inspiration for workspaces lately. Every since I was a little kid I’ve been obsessed with desks and workspaces. There’s something so grown up about a desk and organizing your very own space. Let’s get to the inspiration. I especially love the top two desk/work areas!

(credit)  (credit)  (credit)  (credit)

I’m very much a “a place for everything and everything in its place” girl so I am all about organizers and storage containers. Right now I’m pining for a certain file box from the Liberty of London for Target line.

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