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wednesday loves

I’ve got a whole slew of lovelies to share today, so let’s get right to it! I am completely over the moon about this super pretty number pinata how-to from Oh Happy Day!  There’s a birthday celebration coming up in our house next month. I’ll get to try it out soon!

I think it would be fun to make letter too and spell out messages. So many possibilities!

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wednesday loves

I’m not a big tea drinker but I do like making iced tea. And I like making jasmine tea best because it smells like drinkable flowers. We picked up a new packet of tea bags this weekend. Aren’t they pretty?

July 31

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a few flickr favorites

Happy Friday! Don’t you love the feeling of freedom that Friday brings each week? I do! I have a few little housekeeping things that I want to do and a whole bunch of fun projects that I’m excited about getting into this weekend. I’m feeling inspired by the flickr streams I follow and can’t wait make things! I hope they’ll inspire you a bit too!

Pretty summer shoes photographed by Cathy McMurray

Shokoofkeh’s beautiful flower photos remind me that I have some fun gardening work to do.


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wednesday loves: travel lust

We had an extra adventuresome (my current favorite word, by the way) time at the dog park tonight. I really wish I had brought my camera along. So many wagging tails and cute puppy faces! So instead of photos of the pups and his friends, I just have photos of places to share. They are beautiful places though. I wish I could visit each lovely spot!

New York, New York
The Governors Island Jazz Age Lawn Fest looks like a honey of a time!

photo via From Me To You

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road trip memories

Joel sent off a bunch of film to be scanned and after weeks of waiting the scans came in last night. Some of my favorites were from the road trip we took last summer. Four of us drove from Chicago to Rochester, NY for the wedding of dear college friends.
On the way back we realized we were super close to Niagara Falls and stopped to take a look…

Niagara Falls

We had a free day before the wedding and it was cold and rainy so we stepped out of the rain and into Magnolia’s and had the most amazing tomato artichoke parmesan soup ever!

Tomato Artichoke Parmesan Soup

Tomato Artichoke Parmesan Soup

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wednesday loves: pretty photos

Spring was so lazy about taking its sweet time to get here that summer had to step in! So the tulips are only just beginning to really show up during a week of 80+ degrees and thunderstorms. It’s finals week at my day job and soon I’ll be busy processing grades and lots of other paperwork, but for now it’s quiet.

I’m feeling a little daydreamy for summertime and travel. For today’s loves I planned a dream vacation itinerary with some help from my flickr favorites:

Pet a pony in Iceland


Photo by Jen

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flickr favorites

Tonight we’re going to Milwaukee to see Ben Folds & Street Corner Symphony! We found out about the show at the last minute and just decided to go today. We aren’t usually so spontaneous. I am so looking forward to it!

Until then, I still have the workday afternoon to get through so I snatched a few recent flickr favorites to share with and maybe make the time go faster. I must be subconsciously thinking of summer. There certainly seems to be a theme to my recent favs…

Coral Heart by Erica, Name of the Flower by Ming & Lavender Ice Cream by Cathy

busy times

It’s been busy over here! And it’s going to be getting more and more crazy for the next few weeks. It’s just that time of year!

I was feeling a little extra stressed today, so when Erin posted about the beautiful blog Nordic Design (totally a new favorite!) I was thrilled to come across this idyllic cabin. The photos are so calm and gentle and they make me happy. I want to live some place like this someday!


I would be happy to just spend a week some place like this, napping by the fire, staying up to read, sleep in late and finally getting to try my new golden nail polish! Mmm, yes that sounds perfect!

october colors

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon. There is coffee in my cup and sunshine on the leaves. The maples are turning their pretty orange-red, of all the fall colors those are my favorite shades!

I went looking through Poppytalk’s annual Autumn Colour Week flickr Group and I put together two pretty photo groups from their pool with a few from my own flickr favorites sprinkled in, too. Enjoy!

A Walk In the Woods

(credit)   (credit)   (credit)   (credit)

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pretty things

The university that Joel and I work at gives us a day off for our birthdays! I’ve never had an employer that does that, so we decided to take a long weekend with Joel’s birthday off day and went to Milwaukee. It was so much fun and such a pretty, little city that I thought I’d share a few things from our trip today, pretty things-style!

Lake Michigan through the Trees

Lake Michigan through the Trees

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