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a bit under the weather

I’ve been a bit under the weather for the last few days. Not my favorite way to spend that last two days of a long weekend, but it means I have a bunch of lovely posts just waiting for my head to get out of the fog that cold meds seem to send me into, so I can clear up a few glitches and get them posting for you!

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about that antiquated idea of traveling for one’s health. I think I love that idea! Today I want go to Marrakech (inspired by this post from Lobster & Swan). Come along if you’d like!

tea and cushions

hot, fragrant tea and soft, satin cushions

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friday flickr favorites

Hi! I just wanted to send a “Happy Friday!” your way and share some of my recent flickr finds.  I really like how these colors and shapes and furry friends and treats look together. I think they’re tying to tell a story of happy, lazy, lovely days.

(credit)  (credit)  (credit)  (credit)

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flickr favorites

Happy Friday to you! I am so ready for the weekend! Mostly because I have lots of plans to look forward to: a sushi and movie date, a visit from a good friend and an evening out with a crowd of fun people! I am secretly wishing the workday could go a little faster. So while I’m waiting, I thought I’d share some of my recent flickr favorites.

I love these colors and textures:

flickr favorites

Cupcakes by Coco Cake, sweet kitten by indierocket, flowers by Shokoofeh, berry heart by Baie , field by Kara Haupt, and pup on the velvet couch by Sarah Ryhanen

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

*sunset photo by Joel Goodman

photos for walls

I almost feel like I need to tack a little warning to the front of this post, something like “Warning: this post contains seriously gorgeous photos and you will want to buy them all!”…so consider yourself warned!

I’ve been hooked on collage walls for ages now. They’re such great ways to add energy to your room and perfect for someone -ah hem, like me- with an ever growing collection of prints who can’t decide on just one.

gorgeous styling and photo by Kara Haupt

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new flickr fav: dragontrees

We’re headed downtown today, meeting up with friends at the Taste of Chicago and probably stopping by the huge H&M on Michigan (this girl needs summer clothes!). So I thought I’d share my newest favorite flickr photostream in case you’re stuck inside today.

I accidentally found dragontrees‘s flickr stream the other night and it’s one of those jaw-droppingly pretty places.  I love her portraits and they she captures summer and crazy fun adventures.

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lovely portraits

I’ve been seeing a bunch of gorgeous portraits lately. I made a mini collection of lovely, gentle shots that I adore and I hope you’ll love them too!

Just looking at them makes me feel like taking a wonderful trip and lounging in the sun. Please click the photos for their credits!

flickr favorites

pretty photos: lauren stonestreet

I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! Mine has been wonderfully rainy and full new ideas. I’m sure I’ll be sharing some new projects with you this week, but tonight I wanted to show you some of the gorgeous art my beautiful friend Lauren makes. Lauren does it all, portraits, fine art, weddings, photojournalism and each shot is so very graceful. She is a sweet and gentle soul and I’m so glad she’s my friend!

Lauren Stonestreet

I’ve always loved Lauren’s photos and when I saw the ones from her recent trip to Portland I knew I had to share a few of them with you!

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this is naive

Sometimes you come across a blog that feels like a window into a beautiful movie or painting or dream or something. That’s just how I felt went I clicked on This Is Naive (I think I saw the link in a tweet from Fieldguided).  Tommy is the girl behind this lovely blog and her posts are filled with wonderful photos with comments sprinkled in here and there. Her photos are just gorgeous!

Tommy moved to London from Singapore. I love the way she captures her new city!

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interview: shokoofeh

A few weeks ago I came across the prettiest Flickr stream.  Shokoofeh captures life and colors so beautifully! And I’m so excited to share her lovely photos and a little interview with you!

Q. Could you tell us a little about yourself?
Okay. this is one of the hardest questions I always worry about! I am that kind of person who prefers to describe herself in images than words. But I will try my best! I am a girl who believes in life, and in beauty.I am twenty five and live in Tehran.  Last year I finished my BFA  at University of Art in Visual Communication. I love photography, graphic design and all sort of happy things!

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