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I gave myself the night off from writing up this week’s Loves post. I wasn’t being lazy, promise! I just needed to get some tidying and housework done. I popped in an old favorite of mine, Brideshead Revisited, and before I knew it the dusting and dishes were done and the laundry folded. And here I am with a few things to share afterall!

The Brideshead soundtrack is so lovely, but what I really love are all the rich greens and golds and mixture of Art Deco and English Manor styles. I’ve been on a bit of an art deco kick lately, maybe that’s why I needed to re-watch it tonight and the movie reminded me of some recent favorite photos:

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the lovely outdoors

Lately, it’s been crazy hot out. Hot and humid and nasty and it makes me not think too highly of summer. Maybe that’s why I keep bookmarking airy photos and daydreaming of visiting a quiet, cool summer home. Preferably, one with lots of green plants and maybe a river to splash in!

outdoor thoughts

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PS. I’ve been using my Pinterest boards a lot lately. Follow along, if you like!

wednesday loves: travel lust

We had an extra adventuresome (my current favorite word, by the way) time at the dog park tonight. I really wish I had brought my camera along. So many wagging tails and cute puppy faces! So instead of photos of the pups and his friends, I just have photos of places to share. They are beautiful places though. I wish I could visit each lovely spot!

New York, New York
The Governors Island Jazz Age Lawn Fest looks like a honey of a time!

photo via From Me To You

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pretty things: cozy homes edition

This morning I woke up to a thunderstorm and the smells of apple, cinnamon and nutmeg (thanks to the pie I made last night!). It was the perfect “sleeping in” kind morning. I had the hardest time dragging myself away from my comfy, flannel sheets.

All of this got me thinking about cozy, pretty places at home. Our current home is pretty modern, but I’m daydreaming of fixing up an older home with…

cozy, outdoor reading places

cozy outdoors

photo by Hello Neest!

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