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Austin is having its share of thunderstorms and cloudy Spring days. The kind that are perfect for spending with a good book. Audra and I spent a sizable chunk of time yesterday at BookPeople and my “Books to Read” pile sure has grown!

As a result, I’ve been filling Pinterest boards with cozy, dreamy reading nooks:

summer night

One  Two  Three  Four  Five

weekly loves: blog posts

I had a chance to catch up on my blog reader the other day and found so many interesting posts. What is it about this time of year that makes us all a little more thoughtful and interesting? I’m not sure, but I like it. Here are a few favorite recent reads. You can click on the photos below to get to the posts themselves.

I so enjoyed Nicole’s post about the Five-Foot Book Shelf. A good and quick read for all lovers of books.

photo by Nichole of Obvious State

There are plenty of top [insert whatever number you wish here] albums of the year posts circulating about now, and though I’m biased, I think Joel did a pretty brilliant job on his this year. Some of my favorites are in there, too.

Sept 3

photo by me

This gorgeous post by Anabela makes me want to go to the ballet, too. Or maybe I just really want to sew ballet costumes. Sequins, beads, lace….I think I have an idea.

photo by Anabela of Fieldguided

weekly loves: three new reads

It’s a beautiful, rainy and chilly day here in Northern Illinois. This weather makes it kind of hard to believe that in just a few weeks Austin is going to be our new home. Super hot weather and all.

Between packing, I’ve had a little more time than usual for reading. I’m not sure how this has happened but I like it. This Week’s Loves are three new-to-me blogs that I’m especially loving.

What Katie Ate
Sydney-based Katie calls her blog a” foodie photography blog” and boy, is she right. It is a gorgeous! I love the photos and styling enough to follow the blog, and then there’s her travel style post oh, and the yummy looking recipes are the cherry on the top of all this loveliness. This Mad Men Inspired Lunch Ideas post is stunning.

mad men lunch ideas from what katie ate

I just came across this Anthropologie-run tumbler yesterday. The premise is kind of neat. Readers choose a word and then images are pinned. The glossary is a good way to browse the archives.

dress via Anthro

You’ve probably seen this blog or the photo below pop up somewhere this week. (I actually slipped it into last week’s Loves post.)  Mimi’s beautiful blog is about the food she makes and her life in the French countryside. It looks like a very happy and delicious place.

garden cake by manger

garden cake by manger

I want to try all of Mimi’s recipes. They look so beautiful and amazing. And I mean, just look at how happy those pups are!

new books

Summertime for me will always mean new books. Maybe it’s because my mom would always take us to pick out a few new reads to keep us busy on road trips. I’m still finishing up the book that I bought for New York trip, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t picked up a few new ones.

A book of Bob Dylan lyrics that we couldn’t resist at Project No. 8 in New York and a beautiful copy of The Great Gatsby that Joel found.

new books

new books

I’ve wanted to read The Great Gatsby for ages. It looks like this might be the summer that I actually do it. Speaking of Gatsby, have you seen the trailer for the new movie version? What do you think? I’m looking forward to seeing it.

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weekly loves: reading on rainy days

This past weekend we had a visit from a good friend from our college days. Like we always do, she and I talked books and swapped a few favorites. I borrowed this one and passed on I Capture the Castle and The Night Circus to her. When asked for a book recommendation, I Capture the Castle is always at the top of my list.

All the wonderful reading conversation has me wishing for a rainy day with books and few supplies:

weekly loves reading

1) The Perfect Leather Chair  2) Nail Lacquer 3) Beautiful Editions
4) Cozy shirt with Patches by Hetterson  5) Dotted Gold Mug

wednesday loves: four links

Today’s Loves are all interesting posts and blogs that I’ve come across lately. But first here’s a photo I took on my way out the door yesterday morning. A pretty valentine’s rose. It’s so hearty! A week later and it still looks and smells wonderful. I’m going to try to start a cutting from it, like I did with my graduation roses years ago. Fingers crossed maybe I’ll have two rose plants to cart around with me every time we move. It is lovely!

Feb 21


  • A post of quick & easy meals with gorgeous photos over on Miss Moss.
  • This beautiful packaging post on Design*Sponge makes me want to go on a spending spree.
  • These fashion inspired manicures on Miss Ladyfinger are pretty neat. I can’t imagine how long they must take!
  • I’ve been toting my copy of Kinfolk Vol. 2 around ever since I got it. Today I found the blog of one of its editors, Jessica Comingore, and it’s just as lovely and inspiring as the magazine.


winter evenings

I’m just going to write this and hope I don’t jinx myself. This semester is going SO well! There I said it. I’ve been getting all of my work done throughout the week and only have small projects for the weekend. Most gloriously of all I feel like I’m learning something. Maybe because I’ve been able to get a decent amount of sleep instead of being up til 2 and then getting up at 6 for work? Now I just sound old and cranky.

Moving on, I’ve been able to read for fun a little bit. I’m still working my way through some of my Christmas books. I’m bouncing between Brideshead Revisited and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.

reading 4

reading 2

This is our shelf of fairytale like fiction (I guess I just really didn’t want to use the word “fantasy “)  and other stories. They’re kind of half hiding half showing off down there on the bottom shelf.

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favorite 2011 reads

I came across some lovely new-to-me blogs this past year and though I’ve probably mentioned them a few times, I thought I would highlight three of them today: Apple a Day, Grainline, and Junkaholique.

Apple a Day belongs to Amy Merrick and it’s the most perfect place filled with photos of stunning flowers. Really the photos are so lovely I’m almost surprised that I can’t smell the blossoms. I love this blog because it makes me want to learn more about plants. That might be a nice little goal for 2012.

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five pretty blogs

I could really write a post on twenty pretty blogs or maybe even forty. There are so many good ones these days! I made myself narrow it down to five and they are five really good ones! They’re a mix of old faithfuls and new finds. I hope you’ll maybe discover a new favorite blog or two yourself

I love blogs that have captivating photos and allow me to escape to places I might otherwise never get to visit.

Neest is a beautiful housewares blog and shop based in France. It makes me want to make delicious food in a breezy kitchen with lots of windows and views of meadows and buttercups and that sort of thing.

It’s also written in French with a rough English translation so I get to exercise my rusty, undergraduate French.

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to make and to do

This week I’m keeping my To Make and To Do lists pretty simple. I have a whole bunch of goals for the summer so here’s to ticking off two more!

To Make
I’m making time to read books. I used to read just for fun all the time in high school and college, but this past year I haven’t read nearly enough. Normally I prefer anything to a Brontë novel, but I’ve had Shirley by Charlotte sitting on my bookshelf since 2003 so I thought it was high time to give it a shot.

pasta and a book

dinner and a book

So far Shirley is satisfying my “I want to read a story!” mood, but mostly it makes me want to re-read Middlemarch.

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