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work in progress: baby quilt

I have nearly finished the quilt for my future niece. I had a minor moment of worry that it looked a little too “baby boy”, but then I realized a few things: 1) I love this quilt and a lot of love went into it, 2) I don’t buy into pink for girls and blue for boys, and 3) it has a cool rainy day sort of vibe that is perfect for any Portland baby.

I played with the idea of doing the binding in a launder, but after experimenting with different fabric I think I’m going to stick with one of the three fabrics I already used. Probably the black and white.

quilt progress

Since my last post I have sewn all of blocks, attached the blocks in rows, and then attached the rows to each other, gave all the seams a good press, cut out the batting, pinned the three layers (front, batting, backing) together, and finished all the hand-quilting. the only thing left is the binding.

My plan is to get some downloadable pattern pieces and more step-by-step directions posted this weekend. Just in case anyone else is need of a super easy baby quilt. I really do love this one!

saturday things

We’ve been working pretty hard on Bravery projects nonstop this week, but sometimes you just need a lazy Saturday morning and some just-for-fun projects.

The first thing I made today was this blueberry crumb cake and it is so good!

blueberry crumb cake

Joel’s sister and brother-in-law are expecting their first child (a girl) later this year so I’ve started on a baby quilt. So far I’ve created the pattern, cut the fabric, and pinned all the “squares” together.

baby quilt 1
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a working weekend

It’s been a busy weekend of of schoolwork: drawing, making digital flats, sewing, and pattern fixing. Busy!

In order to drape a sleeve I usually rest the dressform’s arm on my head so I have a better angle of the where the sleeve meets the body of the garment. Joel thought it was pretty funny and took a few photos of me working. It does look pretty funny.

working weekend

black & white quilt

I finally finished that black and white quilt I started ages ago! I’m so happy with how it turned out.

I’ve had some of the fabric for years just waiting for the right project. One of the prints I bought while my sister was visiting me in St. Louis. The other was the end of a bolt that I snatched up in college and have been carting around unused for years. It’s nice to finally put them to work.

The quilt ended up being huge. Great for staying cozy, but made it hard for me to photograph. There’s one lumpy photo towards the end that might give the best idea of the size and pattern of the quilt. Cors  adopted this quilt from the start so please forgive the inevitable coating of corgi fur.

quilt 1

quilt 2
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quilt update

A few weeks ago, I finally got my backing cut out and batting sandwiched between it and the top of the quilt. That means I’ve been spending a few minutes here and there each day hand-quilting the layers together. It’s such a relaxing, receptive action especially nice while I was working on my Midpoint Review and other midterm projects.

The next step after hand-quilting will be to attach the binding to close up the edges.

hand quilting 1
hand quilting 2

quilt update

This weekend, I did not get much done on the quilt. One reason was because I decided to do a good bit of cleaning. I managed to: take all the books off their shelves and dust the bookcases, polish windows, began to organize my mountains of art and craft and sewing and pattern making supplies. There’s more organizing to do, but I certainly earned my coffee breaks.


The other reason that there isn’t much to report this week is because I couldn’t decide on a backing fabric. My grandma’s trick is to pick up a discounted sheet with a nice thread count at a home-goods store. I played around with that idea before deciding that I wanted a Swiss dot pattern. I finally decided on this fabric. Now I just need it to hurry up and get here. I’m excited to get to the actual quilting part of the quilt!

quilt update

Last week I managed to add the triangular boarder and finish the top part of my quilt. I’ve done a lot of changing around of the pattern as I’ve been going and I think I’m ending up with a design that I like even more than the one I had planned. The boarder morphed from disconnected triangles to triangles that form slanted lines. I think it works better than my original idea.

quilt progress

quilt progress

I guess sometimes you just have to jump in and try something to find out if it works or not. Or maybe that’s just the way that I learn.

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quilt update

Last week, while Joel was speaking at a conference in Pennsylvania, I made lots of progress on the quilt. I realized while cutting squares that I didn’t have enough of one of fabrics for the exact pattern that I planned on using. I did some quick measuring and counting and altered the pattern slightly.

quilt making


I got a good start on the sewing, too, and I’m happy with how the corners came together so nice and cleanly. This is getting exciting!

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quilt inspiration

During my spring cleaning I came across lots of black and white cotton fabrics that I’ve been apparently stockpiling. Now that school is over for the summer I think I need to turn them into a quilt. I’ve been wanting a black and white quilt for ages. I can’t wait to start!

quilt fabrics
These are some of the quilts I’ve been looking at for inspiration:

Quilt Inspiration

Sources: One,  Two &  Three

thrifty friday guest post from katie of house of humble

Hi! I’m Katie from House of Humble. I like crochet, vintage dresses and thrift shopping. When Jessica asked if I’d like to contribute to Thrifty Friday, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share a quick tutorial for repairing holes in things, with cute patches. You can use this DIY for mending just about anything – cardigans, skirts, even blankets!

To repair a hole you’ll need a piece of cute material to make the patch out of, some fusible interfacing, scissors, a pen, a piece of paper, a needle and thread.

thrifty friday 1

Draw your desired patch shape onto your piece of paper. I chose a simple heart but the possibilities are endless – stars, flowers, clouds – use whatever design your little heart desires!

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