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hustle is hope

Another thing that’s been keeping us busy is a little project called Hustle is Hope.

Joel has been writing and speaking about the topic of working hard and being a healthy, happy worker for a a few years now. Out of that has come a collaboration with local designer, Keith Davis Young, and a small line of Reminders. These are Reminders that working hard at something you love or for specific goals are great things.

I really love the patches. They glow in the dark!

Hustle is Hope

You can check out the Reminders for yourself or read more about the project at

And in case you’re thinking about gifts for the hard workers in your life: Get 15% your Shirt + Print order when you use the hustlebundle coupon code.

Free shipping on every order including international orders.

the future kept

I’ve been a fan of Jeska from Lobster & Swan ever since stumbling upon her blog or Etsy shop (I forget which came first). So it was with much anticipation that I awaited the launch of her newest endeavor, The Future Kept.

The Future Kept is the most beautifully curated shop I’ve seen in a long time. I love the emphasis on the traditionally made items and the idea of buying fewer, more quality things that will be treasured for years. The product photos, descriptions, and the story of each piece gives a wonderful connection between the shopper and the makers which I think is really neat.

future kept

future kept 2

Above: British Made Wool Throw, Leather Key Ring & Trevor Ablett Pocket Knife