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Friends, I need a new purse. Mine is literally falling apart. I mean it fell to pieces in the middle of the store last night. There’s this thing that connects the shoulder strap to the body of the purse and it keeps failing with disastrous results.

But I’m picky. I want the purse on the left. It’s reversible and not too big for my short self, but it’s also sold out. I still can’t help thinking about it and comparing every other purse too it. Sigh, a girl can dream, right?

Left: Libro Clutch & Reversible Handbag            Right: Anthro Purse & Viaje Pouch

The hardest thing about purse shopping for me is that most of the bags I like are really totes pretending to be purses. I’m pretty short and lugging around a big old piece of luggage that I’m pretending is a purse isn’t very flattering and gets me suspicious looks in shops. What do you look for in a new purse?

weekend “check this out” suggestions

I really meant to have this post up last night but then, to make a long and boring story short, I sewed a few pieces of my homework (a yoked bodice) incorrectly and had to practice my salty language tear out a bunch of stitches and start again.

Saturday, the day before the great sewing problem, I got a bunch of my Christmas shopping done. This was mostly due to the truly AMAZING gift guide/magazine that Ez from Creature Comforts made. It’s quite possibly the best giving guide I’ve ever seen. I can’t praise it enough!

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wednesday loves

I feel like Wednesday sneaks up on me every week! And here it is again already! This whole month is going fast. April has been really rainy and chilly, which I love, but my co-workers do not. I think the weather might be impacting today’s loves. Lots of muted colors with a little brightness here and there.

The number one thing I’m loving this week is my new nail polish. My red, black and dark purple options didn’t seem quite right for spring so I went shopping.

new nail polish

roses on my fingers

English Rose by Rimmel came home with me and it’s the perfect matte pink. Sidenote: I kind of wish we still called nail polish “nail varnish”, like the olden days.

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shopping in a snowstorm

Being all snowed in today was wonderful! I had lots of time for things I never seem to get around to doing and some lazy time for coffee and filling my imaginary, just-for-fun shopping bag with some serious loot. If I were to go on a little, online spending spree today, these things would make the cut for sure!


1) & 2) I’ve been trying to pick between Paris Graffiti Heart and Parked in Paris. Which one would you put in your guest room?  3) I love this  Flower Garland and I’ve been playing with a few ideas for making something a little like it.  4) Commander and Chic nail polish is my favorite shade right now. It seems like it was made for this time of year. Not too purple and not to gray, just perfect!  5) & 6) I think this Sweater & Lace Turtleneck and Baileys Scented Candles are both sweet.  7) Awesome Almonds by Curious Chocolate, yum!  8) Wool Blanket, cozy!  9) I read about Lipstick Queen Medieval Lipstick (photo by Katrina) ages ago, but I still want to try it.

Did you have a snow day, too? How did you spend it?

etsy wishlist

cute shops

I keep seeing the most adorable shops popping up on some of my favorite blogs lately. I’d love to visit them in person! I think local shops have so much more charm than mall stores, don’t you? I could spend way too much time (and money!) at Cast Away Yarn Shop in Santa Rosa, CA. Such a cute shop!  (via Design*Sponge)

I’ve seen Toronto clothing shop, Robber featured on Fieldguided a few times and each time I think, “Aw, I want to go there!”

photo by Anabela

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