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march is here!

It’s a little hard for me to believe that March is here already! I blame all the piles of leftover snow. Springtime really isn’t too far off though so I’ve rounded up a few pretty, sunshiny things to share.

I went through my closet this weekend and found mostly muted navies and browns and functional blacks and grays. I think I’d like to see a few more of these colors in my closet for spring…

March is here

Pretty Flowers, Kites by Something’s Hiding In Here, Community Gardens and Adorable Kite Dress from Red Velvet


It is that itchy time of year again when Greenville starts to get beautiful but all we want to go is leave. We were talking about how excited we are go go to Portugal and Ireland this summer. I can’t wait!

In the mean time, I am working hard at school, around the house, and at work. Spring break is coming up in a few weeks and I want to get quite a bit done on the house. We think we can have the Library nearly done soon, hopefully.

I think I might work on one of my unfinished paintings this afternoon. We’ll see…