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Chipper Things

The excellent illustrator, short gal, and my fellow Austin-dweller, Becky Simpson, has just launched an adorable online store called Chipper Things!

Chipper things has lots of personality and stationary goods. Two things I love! It all came about from her year-long residency with Adobe, which is very cool! In her own words, “My hope is that Chipper Things becomes known for its clever, colorful and playful art and sentiments. I have big dreams for it and I hope the momentum from the launch is only the beginning.” 

I picked out things that share a very monochromatic vibe, because that’s what I do. You can find lots more chuckles and colors over at Chipper Things.

three things: cute cards

three things: from stationery boutique

I’m always on the lookout for cute new stationary shops on Etsy. My latest favorite is Stationary Boutique. These stamps and stationary would make some nice looking thank you notes, don’t you think?

three things

One, Two & Three

wednesday loves

Today’s loves are all inspired by the breezy, warm weather that has finally been making an appearance around here.

First up: bright and lovely nail art and H&M’s new cotton collection. I’ve always been a dedicated nail painter but these butterfly inspired nails are amazing!

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