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life lately

Things have been very busy here recently. My last semester of grad school started, my parents came for a visit, and now SXSW is in town. This year we have badges (because Joel built this for SXSW) and can go to pretty anything we want to do/see.

We saw the premiere of the new Steve Jobs documentary, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, by Alex Gibney. My impression of this version of the film was that it needed more editing. It felt scattered.
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A Few of My Favorite Austin Places

SXSW has officially taken over the city. Maybe you are one of the many, many folks visiting our beautiful town. If you are, maybe you’re looking for a more authentic Austin experience.

Good news! I’ve made a list of some great local places:

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one last sxsw post

Our last day of SXSW was a bit lazy and throughly enjoyable. We walked all over the East Side serenaded by bands on every corner and had waffles (with root beer maple syrup!), blood orange iced teas at Vintage Heart, and then walked down to Flatstock at the convention center. Flatstock is a two day art show of band posters. I recognized a few artists from Renegade Craft Shows and resisted buying enough beautifully crafted posters to paper our 20′ loft walls. I am regretting not picking up this Of Monsters and Men poster

Waffles for lunch.

Vintage Heart.

In the evening we went to a little venue I had never been to on the quieter side of town and sat in a trumpet vine drapped garden drinking cider, munching little desserts, and listening to a friend from college days playing her wonderful songs.

Trumpet vine

Beth Bambara


A delightful way to end a very busy week.

around here lately: sxsw edition

The day after we got back from our long road trip, SXSW started. Around here lately has looked a lot like dressing for the sun and the walking and the music and visiting with all the friends that South By has brought to town.

There have been breaks for work and coffee and reading quietly, too. It’s hard to pick a favorite show (especially because so many of the shows we’ve been to include our friends’ bands), but they have all been a lot of fun. Lord Huron was fantastic. I can’t recommend them enough. Everyone go listen.

Lord Huron

After Lord Huron we saw a few bands and then Foxygen. I really like the Foxygen record and their show was pretty much what I thought it would be. Art rock? Yes. Crazy rock? Yes. Fun? Yes. They kind of sound like The Velvet Underground and the Rolling Stones.

Foxygen - Hype Hotel
The week has worn us out a bit so we haven’t gone to everything that would have been fun. I don’t know how most sxsw-ers do it. But it’s been a good and exhausting time and the quiet chats with friends have been just as wonderful as all the amplified sounds.

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