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Etsy Finds

a handmade & vintage spotlight

Lately, I’ve been missing the old handmade interview feature I used to have here. It was so fun getting to share my favorite Etsy artists! So I’ve decided that from time to time I’ll have a little Handmade & Vintage Spotlight post popping up. I hope you’ll enjoy them and find something you love, too!

Handmade & Vintage Spotlight

Peacock Ore Studs – A Lovely, Little Shop, Camera Strap – Lorayn, Futura Print – The Medium Control, Headband – Love Maude & Brown Heels – Old Baltimore Vintage

Three of the shop owners graciously took time to answer a few questions:

What does Vintage mean to you?
“I love vintage because it’s practically one of a kind and I like to feel special.” – Jenny of Old Baltimore Vintage

What does Handmade mean to you?
“Handmade to me, means creating a unique item, from start to finish, with pure dedication and love. There’s nothing quite like making something with your own hands or receiving an item that you know that has been painstakingly hand crafted by someone’s hands. It’s amazing!” – Chelsea of Lovely, Little Shop

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thrifty friday guest post from lauren of blooming leopold

We’re wrapping this Thrifty Friday series in a wonderful way with Lauren from Blooming Leopold.  Lauren has a fantastic vintage shop and today she’s sharing her top tips for thriftying and photos of her recent finds. Let’s get started!

1. Explore.
You might be surprised at what you find! If you’ve got the time, every section should be browsed. I’ve found some great oversized chambray button ups in the men’s section and pretty rayon maxi dresses in maternity. Generally, my favorite thrift store section is children’s – partly because I’m small and have small feet, but also because the funniest and cutest things can be tucked away in there. I recently found a 1960s-style Dear Creatures sailor dress in the girl’s section. Last fall, I found a 1930s bias cut silk gown in the middle of nightwear. You never know what you’ll stumble across.

2. Get to know your fabrics.
Get to know your fabrics by the feel. Pay attention to the label, feel a cotton blouse and then compare it to the cotton/poly blend blouse next to it, figure out what makes silk so amazing by comparing it to polyester. Fabric can make or break a garment. It can even help you date a piece by finding out the history of the fabric, when it was popular, etc.

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interview: every eskimo

I always look forward to Thursdays, because Thursdays mean I have a brand new handmade interview to share! I am constantly inspired by the passion and the joy of making that so many handmakers share.

Regina from Every Eskimo is no exception! She has create a shop that combines vintage and handmade treasures in the sweetest way.


Regina and a few of her finds

Q. Hello Regina! Could you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a writer by trade, and a collector by nature. I love words and I love beautiful things. Although, my definition of “beautiful things” doesn’t always fit everyone else’s! I’ve been collecting vintage since I was a little girl… decorating my room with teapots and wooden boxes pulled from old barns. (and yes, I’m still using those teapots and boxes today!)

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gift guide: for him

trees & a lux wishlist

Growing up my sister and I would start begging to put the tree up almost before our Halloween candy was eaten. We finally settled into a compromise with dad and we would spend the day after Thanksgiving putting up our tree. These days I’m more of a “Christmas trees are only okay after December 1st” kind of person, but we’ll be traveling so much this year I’m not even sure if I want to go thorough the hassle.

Okay, of course I don’t mind the hassle for Christmastime festiveness, but I have been looking at a few alternatives:

Christmas Trees

Chalkboard Paint Tree & Post-It Note Tree

I kind of love the chalkboard paint banner tree, but if you’re going to have a real tree this year, you might like this pretty project:

Natural Tree Stand

photo by Something's Hiding In Here

I love the smell of pine and I’d love to have a little live tree to plant or donate at the end of the season. Maybe next year!

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november sponsers

I just wanted to take a few minutes today to introduce you to the four amazing ladies who are sponsoring Wayside Violet this month. They all inspire my constantly and I think you’ll love them too!

Take a few minutes to say “hello!” to Kara, Lara, Lauren and Amanda!

Kara from I Just Might Explode



Kara is a photography student in shiny New York City and her blog is always busting with hilarity and inspiration. You can check out some of her photos here. She also has an Etsy shop!

Two favorite posts: Brass Razoo & Escaping the City

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