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birthday brunch

A few ladies and I celebrated our good friend Tiffany on Saturday at Elizabeth St. CafĂ©. It’s one of my favorite spots in town.

These are the photos I snuck in after our croissants and Vietnamese coffees.

Tiffany's Birthday Brunch 1

Tiffany's Birthday Brunch 2

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an engagement celebration

Saturday morning, I got to celebrate my good friend Mallory’s engagement. She is one of the coolest ladies I know and I am so happy for her and her very soon-to-be mister!

The party was at Josephine House on the West Side of Austin. It’s an adorable bright blue house with the nicest garden/lawn. I took my camera along to try to get some photos of the morning for Mallory. I realized that there is no way I could be a wedding photographer. The one group shot I got was super blown out, but it was still a pretty day celebrating a good friend.

Mallory's Engagement 1
Mallory's Engagement 2
Mallory's Engagement 3
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weekend instagrams

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was fun and relaxing.recent instagrams

1) Austin has the most beautiful sunsets.
2) Working on a for-fun project on brand new knitting needles.
3) I can’t stop myself from baking cookies.

weekend instagrams

We’re having a fantastic thunderstorm right now! We haven’t gotten much rain since moving to Austin and I’m really enjoying this downpour. Normally it’s all sunshine and sweat around here.

For proof here’s a look at the weekend we just had:

Cors and I had a big ol’ cleaning day and I managed to get rid of a few more boxes. Fingers crossed we’ll have them all out of here by the weekend and I can finally show you what we’ve done with this new place. I’m really liking it!

music monday: a few songs, words and photos

This weekend was a fun blur. Saturday Joel and I celebrated my birthday quite belatedly with a fun lunch, shopping and coffee date. Just hanging out without being busy with computers, sewing machines, projects and homework was a treat.

I got some pretty new clothes and this candle that smells like Christmas cookies (but in a good way) and a copy of Dior’s The Little Dictionary of Fashion.

I’ll post photos from the book soon. It’s lovely!

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