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flickr favorites & happy things

Shh, can you keep a secret? Oh, good! because my new favorite pastime is spying on my flickr friends’ favorites. These folks have great taste and I’ve found so many perfect shots and wonderful photographers through them! I’ve round up a few of my favorite favorites. Ready for lots of photos and links? Okay, let’s go!

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a few things on a friday night

I’m just stepping in to wish you a happy weekend! We have Monday off of work so it’s an extra long weekend for me. I’m planning on baking, working on projects, plotting birthday surprises for all my fall birthday friends and drinking lots of coffee!

Yesterday I saw some lovely polaroids of roses on the flickr blog. This one was so pretty I had to share!

polaroid rose

photo by Grant Hamilton

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friday afternoon daydream

Happy Friday! Are you excited for the weekend? I am! It’s been a busy week filled with lots of work but lots of fun too. So this lovely Friday afternoon, I’m thinking that a weekend with sunshine and a good book and not much of a schedule sounds perfect. Right now my dream weekend looks something like…

…not get up too early,


lazy morning coffees and toast with tons of Irish butter,

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happy friday!

Monday is Memorial Day in the states so that means a three day weekend for me! Hurrah! I could use some sunshine and blue skies, a good book, and maybe a scoop of ice cream!

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Speaking of reading, do different times of the year make you feel like reading different sorts of books? Once I tried to read The Bell Jar in July, and it just didn’t work. Right now I’m reading Troublesome Young Men, which is very interesting but a little dense for summer reading. If you come across any good books for summer let me know in the comments and I’ll put together a little summertime reading list!

weekend plans

We’re taking a little road trip this weekend and I almost forgot about it! We’re driving down to Greenville for AgapeFest, it’s the only student run music festival in the states. I love how artsy/musical my alma mater is and I miss it sometimes. Joel’s been working with AgapeFest for eight years and we still feel close to the kids who are running it this year. When they invited us we couldn’t say “no”!

I always make cookies for the festival staff. They work so hard all weekend, it’s the least I can do. So tonight I’m whipping up lots of batches of that good ol’ crowd pleaser, chocolate chip. Between baking and packing I’m working on this…

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weekend inspirations

Isn’t this just too pretty?


Rosette Fascinator - The Swan by Giantdwarf

Rosette Fascinator – The Swan by Giantdwarf


This lovely photo (and gorgeous fascinator) suit my mood perfectly!  I’m working on the prettiest bridal order, moss green cozies with creme flowers.  Love!  I’m hoping to fit some time in for some sewing (in between all the knitting) this weekend.   Maybe I can snatch a wee bit of time to make this clutch and I’m dreaming of making this dress:


Gray Sky Dress from Burda

Gray Sky Dress from Burda


What are your weekend hopes and plans?