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renegade craft fair

It’s that time of the year again, friends! Renegade Craft Fair is back in town this weekend!

I am very happy that they’ve moved the fair to the east side of town. Make sure you stop by and check out the new venue and all the fun!

Renegade Craft Fair

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Manalive, it’s been busy around here!

It’s been a nice weekend. I’m feeling on top of my long to-do lists today: Joel’s 30th birthday is pretty much planned and our move and upcoming trips are shaping up nicely. It’s also been more fall-like here the past few days, which has made me start plotting some knitting and quilting projects.

This is a little roundup of things I’ve pinned lately. The cable scarf needs to be my next knitting project I think.
pretty things

Coconut & Chocolate Pots de Creme, Emma, Cable Scarf, An Airy Kitchen & Cornwall, England

stress knitting

happy weekend!

My semester is officially over and I’m kicking off the weekend with a silly photo of Cors from last weekend. He’s such a good sport and doesn’t mind holding still for a few seconds when we pose him in a goofy way. A very useful talent in a dog.

Also, Renegade Craft Fair is in town this Saturday and Sunday and you can bet I’ll be there. I’m sure I’ll have loads of photos to post!


Happy weekend from sunshiny Austin!

new week, new flowers

Not much to say about the weekend. It was wonderfully lazy and there’s nothing like a few days off in the sun to give you energy to get a bunch of things done when you get back to the workweek. I got all kinds of errands and little work tasks taken care of yesterday.

These pretty flowers ended up in my basket at the grocery. I love living in an area of the country that has amazing local flowers nearly year round.

New week, new flowers

New week, new flowers
Someday we want a proper flower garden, but for now Cors and I are admiring these. Hopefully, we’ll manage a balcony garden a little latter in the summer, too.

one last sxsw post

Our last day of SXSW was a bit lazy and throughly enjoyable. We walked all over the East Side serenaded by bands on every corner and had waffles (with root beer maple syrup!), blood orange iced teas at Vintage Heart, and then walked down to Flatstock at the convention center. Flatstock is a two day art show of band posters. I recognized a few artists from Renegade Craft Shows and resisted buying enough beautifully crafted posters to paper our 20′ loft walls. I am regretting not picking up this Of Monsters and Men poster

Waffles for lunch.

Vintage Heart.

In the evening we went to a little venue I had never been to on the quieter side of town and sat in a trumpet vine drapped garden drinking cider, munching little desserts, and listening to a friend from college days playing her wonderful songs.

Trumpet vine

Beth Bambara


A delightful way to end a very busy week.

weekend instagrams

Our weekend was spent  celebrating our anniversary (Happy Anniversary, Joel!!) and taking a break from work to enjoy our fun city. There were lattes at Vintage Heart, a pretty manicure, good food and a French 75 at Péché. Such a relaxing and happy weekend.

Now it’s off to finish up that last school project and work those last few days before celebrating Christmas!

weekend instagrams

Above, there’s also a photo of a Wayside Violet order being packed up. Today is the last day to place an order in time for Christmas.

weekend cups and plates, vol. 4

This week Sunday was my off day. I’m still getting used to my new work hours, but I’m really enjoying the new job. Saturday evening felt a little like a Friday night so I celebrated by making a cheesecake. I had meant to make it to go along with our Opening Ceremony viewing but was too tired Friday.

Better late than never!




Did you watch the Opening Ceremony? What did you think? It was highly enjoyed here, especially the bit with the corgis!

the weekend in bites and sips

We keep joking that we moved to Austin and started eating, but it does feel kind of true. I think the question we hear the most from Austinites is, “Where have you been eating?” Austin folks like their food!

At home there’s lots of watermelon eating between painting and unpacking.


Coffee break: coffee from Texas Coffee Roasters and tasty biscuits.

coffee break

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weekend instagrams

So that was a crazy, busy weekend. I’m dragging a little bit today. It might have something to do with all the travel and busyness. Friday we left our house at 4:30am, flew to Austin, had lunch with a friend (We house and dog sat for her while we were in town.), I had an interview, then we went out for barbecue, came back and collapsed.

Saturday we were up early. Went to our first showing and then went down to SoCo and stopped at a crepe truck for a late breakfast. Then back in the car and looked at lots of other places. We managed to fit a coffee stop in there and then we went to the last place and it was perfect! Yay, new home! That night we met a few friends and their dog for dinner.

Austin Instagrams

1) Coffee from Progress  2) Signage on SoCo  3) Crepe truck!  4) Desert flowers

Sunday morning we were up early again (4am) to fly home. College friends picked us up from the airport and then we picked up another friend who stayed with Cors while we were gone (Thanks, Laura!!) and we all went out for lunch. Phew! What a good and tiring weekend.