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five things

This time next week the house will be filled with the aroma of pies and turkey and the voices of my family.

Today is grey and chilly so I’m thinking warm thoughts while working on my to do list.

five things

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staying warm

I hope you’re staying warm. It’s actually cold here in Texas. Pass the hot chocolate and blankets, please!

Cors has been stealing covered when he gets back from his morning walk with Joel.

sleepy cors 1

sleepy cors 2


It’s not exactly a winter wonderland here in Texas, but I just might be daydreaming of a white Christmas.


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three things: winter is here

Cors and I are staying wrapped up in blankets at every opportunity. I think winter is really here!

Sources: One, Two & Three

keep your fingers warm

Friends, there was frost on the ground this morning. Frost! That’s not something we’re terribly used to here in Texas.

I plan to spend as much time as I can today under a blanket knitting. I’m getting close to finishing the first round of  Christmas gifts I’m knitting and I can’t help eyeing  a few mittens. They seem like the perfect November project!

warm hands
Sources: One, Two, Three & Four

winter survival kit

Apparently, a “winter weather event” is on its way to Austin. It certainly has been chilly and I’m a little excited to see how the city handles a dusting of snow. Coming from Chicago I have great expectations for an overly exuberant response to snow from my new city. (I love you Austin!)

So with all of that in mind here are the things that I fancy for snow storm survival. Many of these were Christmas gifts I received this year or items that I’ve picked up recently and can’t live without. I love them all.

winter survival kit

1) Oversized Cardigan  2) Knit Pillows & Throws  3) Dark Side of the Moon Polish

4) Lazy Pants  5) Hemp & Smoke Candle  6) A Twinkle Light Wall

7) A Good Book  8) Body Balm  9) Beaded Slippers

weekly loves: all that snow!

Six days ’til Christmas! Less than a week. Can you believe it? Sometimes it’s a little tricky to believe here in balmy Austin. Not that it stops the locals from bundling up on 82 degree days. I’ve seen it happen.

What I really want, of course, is snow! So today let’s pretend we’re tucked up in a cozy cabin somewhere snowy in Vermont.

A pretty gift to make:

A gingerbread moose:


An easy wrapping trick:


A mercury glass ornament making how-to:

Mercury Glass Ornaments

And lastly, I’ve settled on what to make for our little early Christmas morning. This amazing french toast wonder!

weekly moodboard: tea in the winter garden

snow day, again

Last friday we got another big helping of snow. Lots of snow. Tons of snow!

Work let us out early and we went straight home and got Cors ready for some fun. He loves snow! I love seeing him hope around like a bunny in it. Joel made a little video of the frolic:

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snow days

Thursday morning the snow came and it has been snowing off and on ever since. We have a nice thick blanket of the stuff and Cors and I keep making little excursions to jump around in the thick banks the wind pushes together. Cors loves the snow!

Jan 12

I love any excuse for getting cozy inside and making tasty food, reading books, and knitting. The snow is such a pretty reason!

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